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Matt Smith

Matt Smith Matt Smith is a writer and theatre enthusiast based in New York. For more information, including additional writing samples, he encourages you to visit


BWW Interview: THE LION KING's Shahadi Wright Joseph on Broadway Beginnings, Black Girl Magic, and Forging a Future in Film
August 13, 2019

'Naaaaaaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba!' No matter who you are or where you're from, it's a sure bet you're familiar with those iconic introductory lines. Set against the majestic backdrop of the rising Serengeti sun, the universally-recognized African cry, beckoning scores of meerkats, elephants, antelope and giraffes to emerge and greet the newest member of their animal tribe, is the quintessential Disney opening that defined a generation. 

Abingdon Theatre Company Rings In Another Year with Glitzy, Star-Studded Bash
October 22, 2018

Abingdon Theatre Company isn't one to shy away from grandiosity. Sure, the 26-year-old grassroots theatre company may pride itself on its daring, intimate productions, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to throw a party, repeatedly pulling out all the stops at their annual anniversary bash. "We're able to take something small - say, a show with a seven or eight-member cast - and transform it into this big, lavish spectacle… without sacrificing the true heart of the story or the music or any of that," says company Associate Artistic Director Chad Austin. "You could say it's our special little Abingdon touch." One look at last year's flashy, brassy And the World Goes 'Round gala event, which capped off a quarter century on the off-Broadway scene, and you're sure to agree. That's likely why it comes as no surprise that this year finds them back at the Edison Ballroom ringing in #26 with a(nother) glam and glitzy extravaganza like only they can produce.

MATILDA's Sophia Gennusa Books Recurring Role on New NBC Pilot
March 19, 2018

Even if you're little, you can do a lot indeed!! Proving the popular MATILDA mantra to be true, Sophia Gennusa, one of the original breakout stars of the 2013 Broadway blockbuster, has booked a recurring role on the new NBC investigative thriller pilot, THE ENEMY WITHIN.

SCHOOL OF ROCK Alum Isabella Russo Tapped for New ABC Pilot
March 12, 2018

World, watch out... she's back to play! According to an exclusive Deadline announcement, former SCHOOL OF ROCK standout Isabella Russo has been tapped as a series regular in the new ABC pilot, FOR LOVE. In the pilot, helmed by HOMELAND's John Dahl and written by Michael Cooney (JACK FROST, IDENTITY), Russo plays Alice, an innocent orphan girl taken in by the renowned Dumaine family, who, after being used in a strange ritual, finds herself possessed by the soul of its matriarch Marie Jojo, herself a centuries-old magic user with a cruel, controlling agenda.

They Have Been Found! Chronicling the Career of Pasek and Paul Through Their Music
June 9, 2017

Momma Rose may soon have to change her tune. 'Cause lately, it seems like everything's coming up Pasek and Paul! No, really. With a hotly-anticipated film project on the rise, a much-lauded Oscar win that put them on the map, and the recent announcement that their inaugural Broadway musical will be the next to be broadcast live across the globe (and they'll be contributing new music and lyrics!!) -- all amidst the buzz surrounding the award-winning mega-musical that set Broadway ablaze and left us broken on the ground, there's no denying the incomparable power duo has had quite the banner year.

Social: Broadway's Best and Brightest Sound Off on a Very Theatrical Oscars
February 26, 2017

Grab your popcorn and get those tweeting fingers ready! Oscar Night is officially upon us! As mentioned earlier, while Hollywood's annual toast to the best in film is not as 'full-on Broadway' as, say, that other awards show typically held in June, this year's ceremony is looking to be a more theatrical, thanks in no small part to the overwhelming success of a certain little-known film called LA LA LAND (and hey… don't a couple people involved in that film have a big Broadway hit on their hands as well? Hmmm…???) 

BWW Flashback: A Look Back at Seven Times Oscar and Broadway Met in the Middle
February 24, 2017

Set your clocks and pop your popcorn... the Oscars are just TWO days away! While the annual salute to Hollywood's best and brightest has never been as 'full-on Broadway' as, say, that other theatrical celebration typically held in June, we can't deny that recent ceremonies have contained a bit more theatrical glitz than not, thanks in no small part to the rising popularity of the movie musical.  With Lin-Manuel Miranda among the roster of nominees, and Pasek and Paul's global phenom LA LA LAND poised to take home Oscar gold, there's no doubt that trend will continue throughout this Sunday's ceremony. (And trust me, we Broadway buffs couldn't be happier!)  So, to celebrate… we've compiled a list of the most prominent 'Broadway-fied' Oscar moments of the last decade, featuring Tony winners, big Broadway numbers, and a whole lotta that aforementioned flash. Take a walk down memory lane, and relive these seven glorious moments went Oscar 'went Broadway.' 

BWW Recap: EVERYTHING Changes (No, Really!!) on YOUNGER's Explosive, Revealing, See-It-To-Believe It Season Finale
December 14, 2016

So, remember last week when I teased an explosive season finale? I wasn't kidding… and the cast is certainly all in agreement as well… these two episode change everything. Liza encounters trouble with all three men in her life (Charles, David and Josh), but it's not as fun and freewheeling as it was in the hospital. Plus, she gets into a kerfuffle with Kelsey, while Diana makes some new developments in her relationship with Richard, and things with Kels and Colin start to get a little rocky, no thanks to devious little editor Pippa. It's a hell of a ride - to the Hamptons and back again - so grab your tissues and keep your emotions in check… 'cause it's all ahead on this week's final Season 3 recap. This one is definitely a SPOILER ALERT no matter which way you slice it (I tried my best, you guys!!), so don't read if you truly want to be surprised by the episode. If you have seen it, read on (thanks for the support!) But again, know going in, that these. Two. Episodes. Change. Everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. NOTHING will ever be the same. Got it? GOT IT?! Good. Phew! Now…. read on: 

You Can't Stop the Tweets! Broadway's Best and Brightest Weigh In on HAIRSPRAY LIVE!
December 7, 2016

Hey there, teenage Baltimore (and St. Louis, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, New York, and pretty much every other city out there in America!) Don't change that channel! 'Cause every for just one afternoon night when the clock strikes four eight, you can shake it, shake it, shake with the nicest kids in town (and the best of Broadway!) during tonight's high-octane broadcast of NBC's HAIRSPRAY LIVE! Yup... you can't stop the motion of the ocean or the rain from above, and you definitely can't stop the influx of tweets that will no doubt be pouring in throughout the duration of the live show! As has become an annual tradition, everyone will presumably throw in their two cents and chime in on the action via Twitter.... and Broadway's best and brightest are certainly no exception!

BWW Recap: Pigeons, Pregnancy & More Make a Big, Bold Return on YOUNGER
December 7, 2016

What a whirlwind this week's installment is! Yes, the much-hyped two part season finale is just a week away, and the YOUNGER writers waste no time in preparing us for the events to come. Without spoilers (natch), the episode ends perfectly, leaving every storyline in a semi-cliffhanger which brilliantly wraps it up satisfyingly for this week, while simultaneously leaving it open just enough to erupt in some sort of wild and crazy climax (as only these writers can do) next week. 

BWW Recap: Liza's 'Summer Friday' Isn't Without Its Ups and Downs on YOUNGER
November 30, 2016

So, apparently… while we're finishing up our turkey leftovers, prepping for a visit from the big man with the bag, and above all, bracing for snow… it's bright and shiny summer in the YOUNGER-verse. But while the weather outside may not be frightful… it's not quite all fun in the sun for Liza and Kelsey, who find themselves in hot water after a deal to secure Colin's manuscript goes rather awry. Ruh roh. 

BWW Recap: Liza's Twisted Love Triangle Gets Even Twistier When Worlds Collide on YOUNGER
November 16, 2016

Wow! What a week it's been! And I'm not just talking about what you think I'm talking about. It's messy for Liza this week... made all the worse by the fact that she's essentially drugged up and knocked out while all the action's going on (so she's oblivious to basically everything). A freak accident on a MetroBike (thanks Diana!) lands her in the hospital, where hijinks ensue with Josh, Charles and yep, even, ex-husband David as worlds collide, storylines interwine, paths are crossed, meetings are made, and piggies are covered. (Don't worry... it'll all make sense once you're through with the recap/episode!) Plus, Diana has a chance encounter with a Broadway-friendly hunky hunk, and Kelsey acquires a new book for Empirical to publish...  and gets a new boyfriend, too! It's all ahead (or behind, depending on if you've seen the episode or not!) on this week's recap, so if you're intrigued... you know what to do! Thanks!! 

BWW Recap: Liza Covers for Aubrey, Kelsey Dates Again on YOUNGER
November 10, 2016

Let's face it. In the last 24 hours, life hasn't been the best for us Americans. But who says we can't take a break with our favorite Sutton Foster-led TVLand series? This week's installment finds the Aubrey Alexis manuscript getting a sales boost that puts Liza in a tricky situation, Kelsey may or may not find herself a new man, new developments unravel with Maggie and Malkie and oh yes, yet again, Liza and Charles avoid (and face) the wrath of Radha. Intrigued? Well, then, X out of your 'Trump rally' coverage, and read on, read on:  

BWW Exclusive: Lilla Crawford, Joshua Colley & More Dish on Fame, Fans, and Life as a Child Actor (Part 1)
November 3, 2016

In this comprehensive, two-part (!!!) BWW feature, our eclectic panel of child actors - including Lilla Crawford, Joshua Colley, Luca Padovan and Isabella Russo (with additional commentary from Savvy Crawford) - sound off on their most memorable career experiences, fan encounters, maintaining balance between work and school commitments and the ever-important subject of putting children in the spotlight.

BWW Exclusive: Lilla Crawford, Joshua Colley & More Dish on Fame, Fans, and Life as a Child Actor (Part 2)
November 3, 2016

In this comprehensive, two-part (!!!) BWW feature, our eclectic panel of child actors - including Lilla Crawford, Joshua Colley, Luca Padovan and Isabella Russo (with additional commentary from Savvy Crawford) - sound off on their most memorable career experiences, fan encounters, maintaining balance between work and school commitments and the ever-important subject of putting children in the spotlight. 

BWW Recap: Liza Discovers an Author with a Secret, Michael Urie Returns on YOUNGER
November 2, 2016

As far as YOUNGER episodes go, this week's installment was pretty HUGE for both Liza and Empirical… in so many more ways than one! Our favorite 40-year-old-posing-as-26 makes a shocking discovery about one of Empirical's esteemed authors, before acquiring their book as her next project (so, good news there!) Bad news is she's still waffling between Josh and Charles, and Radha really enters the picture this week, shaking things up and making it clear to Liza (But don't worry… she's not scurred!) Plus, there are new developments and similarly shocking discoveries made between Maggie and new belle Malkie (including a visit from the ex… dun dun dun), and Josh is desperate to get Liza get kinky in public places. Ooh! All topped off with a stellar guest appearance by one of our favorite Broadway alums! What more could possibly want?! It's all ahead (or behind, depending), so if you're intrigued, please read on!!

BWW Recap: P is for Pigeon, Pancake, and Pregnancy on YOUNGER
October 26, 2016

As you can tell from the title of the recap, P is for a lot of things on this week's installment. In addition to (finally!) canning Bryce and making progress with the Charles/Liza ship, the episode also sees Kelsey take another stab at dating post-Thad (with disastrous results, natch), Josh contemplating some pretty heavy stuff re: his future with Liza, and Diana dressing down to impress her boss (with hilarious results). Oh, and Maggie appears to have found a new beau, er… belle, as well. So, essentially, this one is packed with the good stuff for every character. So, why not just get started with the recap?

BWW Recap: Liza Pursues the 'Stoopid Girls', & More, on YOUNGER
October 19, 2016

Hello, YOUNG'ns! (Tryin' out a new fan name… you dig?) Welcome to another week of YOUNGER shenanigans with Liza and the gang! After their special bonding moment last week, Charles and Liza get a little teensy bit more physical this week, raising hopes of an actual #CharlesandLiza pairing.

BWW Recap: Krysta Rodriguez, Jennifer Simard Guest on YOUNGER as Liza Saves a Bookstore
October 12, 2016

Liza's got it all in for herself in this week's installment (and yes, I know I say that every week, but with this show and her predicament, would you really expect anything less?) After settling everything by 'roasting marshmallows' with Josh, Liza gives him a break this week (once again, to contemplate their relationship) but also to head back to New Jersey once again. And no, she's not pickin' up any truffle butter this time 'round; she's going to cash in on a brilliant idea to save a bookstore… with less than favorable results. (Okay, yes, I know I say that every week, too, but seriously.. come on! Have you seen the show?!) Meanwhile, Kelsey heads back into the dating scene, Lauren ends up in a dating dilemma… and somewhere in there, Diana passes out. It's all ahead (or behind), so if you're intrigued…. read on, read on!!

BWW Recap: Liza's Livin' in a Marshmallow World, & More, on YOUNGER
October 5, 2016

As the familiar song goes, it's a marshmallow world in the winter, but it seems like winter's come early for Liza, who's all about the sticky s'mores snack this week, using it to prove a point to her boyfriend about temptation, gratification and happiness (don't you just love when she impresses us with her 40-year-old psychology knowledge?). Of course, that's when she's not involved in her crazy 26-year-old antics, like trying to prevent Kelsey from opening her laptop, lest her secret be blown, or attempting to talk to Charles and figuring out their relationship. Looks like this web is as sticky as the marshmallows!! It's all ahead (or behind, depending on if you've seen the episode or not!) on this week's recap, so if you're intrigued… please, read on: