Brinn Media Releases 'Cubist in a Cubicle'

Brinn Media Releases 'Cubist in a Cubicle'

Is Corporate Life Getting You Down?

Are you bored at board meetings? Is your boss a blowhard? Are your co-workers co-dependent? Looking for something to brighten your work day? Need a healthy dose of laughter?

That's where "Cubist In A Cubicle," ($2.99 on Amazon for Kindle) comes in. "Cubist In A Cubicle," by Marc Bilgrey, is a new collection of business cartoons that pokes fun at CEOs, sales meetings, research and development, management, clients, corporate culture, profits, financial reports, outsourcing, downsizing and much more. Some of the cartoons in this book originally appeared in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, and Funny Times.

Marc Bilgrey's cartoons have appeared many national magazines and he is the writer/cartoonist of three other books of cartoons. He is the author of two novels and his short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He's also written for nationally syndicated comic strips and for comedians.

"Cubist In A Cubicle" is published by Brinn Media, available on Amazon for Kindle. 100 pages.