Announcing the Release of 'The Glories of Aging' by Faith Strong

Author Faith Strong is at it again. At 94, Monarch Beach Publishing has dared to publish her book The Glories of Aging.

In this delightful work, author Faith Strong explores the concept that being old does not necessarily mean being quiet, afraid, or betrayed by pain. While the transition to senior and elder is beset with difficult challenges, The Glories of Aging reveals how it can also be a time of appreciating beauty, seeing new perspectives, increasing self-knowledge, and making a palpable difference in this world we temporarily call home. This collection of twenty-three personal essays offers brutally honest (and often humorous) insights into coping with such vulnerabilities as physical limitation, loss of privacy, wishing and wanting, unpleasant surprises, trying to "look good," feelings of isolation, wardrobe shifts, making time count, and more.

Faith shares that recently a new insight came to her: "So often I have cried, 'Why at the end of our wonderful lives should getting older be so difficult and painful? Why doesn't God reward us instead of hurting us? Why isn't the end of our journey as glorious as its beginning?' Then suddenly it hit me that we actually are rewarded. We have been given a glorious opportunity to learn final important lessons in the precious time remaining. Even in the intense challenge of pain I can still create more love and gratitude. Even in the midst of a difficult climb I can see colorful flowers. I can see beauty in the pain. I can take time to confront what I need to confront. Even though I have assistance, I can view being served and cared for as a gift from God. I can choose how I want to be for the day rather than what I have to do. I even have the good fortune to have a man in my life who is the sweetest, most thoughtful person I have ever known. Though he's forty years younger and both of us at times wish I were younger and healthier, we acknowledge that we have a spiritual connection. And finally, I can always see another perspective, which is one of God's most important lessons, allowing us to leave with satisfaction and a sense of completion when it is our time to go."

"By now, at age ninety-four, I pretty much accept my physical limitations. Sometimes it's a temptation to want to be healthier and younger when others tell me about their activities, but not often. I'm finding that just being can be as full of life as being busy, running around thither and yon. It's giving me an opportunity to better know myself and my connection to God, the world, and humanity. I can know myself without excuses or lies."

And who among us doesn't want that?

If you have been letting what you can't do stop you from doing what you still can do, regardless of your age or stage, you will love this book.

-Rev. Dr. Heather Clark
Spiritual DirectorCenter for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley

Title: The Glories of Aging
Publisher: Monarch Beach Publishing
Category: Aging / Self-Help
Publication: August 11, 2017
Distribution: Baker & Taylor
ISBN: 978-0-9964057-0-6 (Soft Cover)
ISBN: 978-0-9964057-1-3 (eBook)
Price: $10 / 72 pages

Press Contact: Jeanie C. Williams, Director
PenPower Book Marketing Services
150 Washington Street, Suite 201
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Telephone: (505) 395-4540

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