BWW Interview: Singer and Songwriter Jessica Miller

BWW Interview: Singer and Songwriter Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller. A simple sounding name. Remember it. A singer and songwriter who has a beautiful sound and style. Let's learn a little about her:

MCL: When did music start for you?

JM: Music started for me at a very young age. The way it would make me feel and move me always made me feel connected to it emotionally. So in third grade I picked up playing the violin in the school orchestra and in fourth grade I fell in love with the sound of guitar and writing music that expressed the feelings that I had that were not so easily spoken. I would be in my room for hours playing, creating, and discovering new things about myself through the sound of music.

MCL: What was the first instrument you learned to play?

JM: The first one was the recorder and I actually liked it. I would play Funky Town, Songs from the Lion King, happy birthday and everyone would always ask how can I make it do all that. Most of it would just be by ear and just the feel of it.

MCL: What are the others you've learned over the years?

JM: The violin in school was the next instrument I learned, then the guitar and as I grew into playing those I took the sounds to the keyboard. I also played a little bit of the bass guitar as well.

MCL: When was the first try at songwriting?

JM: The first time I tried song writing was in fourth grade. Then I had put together this group called the four little angels and we sang songs that we would put together with Ideas I had it was fun for the time it lasted for sure but I was always shy about my voice.

MCL: What comes first for you ... the lyrics or music?

JM: The Lyrics come first for me. I feel like that is the substance that really brings you into what you are hearing that you connect with. Don't get me wrong I can listen to just instrumentals, listen to just the sound of Jazz, blues, hip hop, funk you name it but the lyrics are what really bring me to understand the artist, the feeling, the power.

MCL: What do you write about?

JM: I write a lot about things that I feel and witness that I cant easily express just spoken still until this day. Things like love, heartbreak, family issues, my people that are going through struggle, my hardships, my blessings, having self-worth and confidence, just anything I feel moved to write about. Very often I write about Love though unintentionally but I feel like the world needs to hear more of that.

MCL: Have you written and autobiographical songs? How so?

JM: Not yet, I have written a song about my amazing son, but I feel like if people listen to my music they can often tell what might be going on in my life at that time.

MCL: You have a beautiful sound ... How would you describe it?

JM: Well honestly I don't know. I just started singing in front of people the fall of 2016 so I'm still getting comfortable with my sound. I feel like it fits me though because its soft but textured, inviting, warm, and unique.

MCL: Who would you consider musical influences?

JM: I would say when I started young Prince, Michael, Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire, Sade, Shannon, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and those are still my influences along with Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Corinne Bailey Rae, I just love them.

MCL: What would be some of your favorite local venues around town? Why?

JM: Mr. Good Bar which is where I did my first open mic and sang in front of people a few months ago. The crowd is always inviting. Rude Boyz especially! That place has become like home to me and its so much love and talent there always. Pretty much anywhere that its live music. I'm still learning and exploring.

MCL: Finally ... What is coming up for you in 2017?

JM: I would say a lot!! I have connected with so many talented people within these past few months that want to help me get to where I want to be with my music and my art. I see a music video, getting more in shape, opening a business or two, tons of shows, traveling, oh its just so much! Stay tune because my project will be on the way soon and honestly without the support of every who ever had a listening ear I wouldn't even be this far, thank you everyone.


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