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BWW Blog: Finding a New Creative Theatre Outlet

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I was originally very opposed to Zoom theatre. In trying to replicate live theatre, I feel like a lot if the magic is lost.

Finding a love for something new, besides theatre, is something that I have greatly struggled with since the spread of COVID-19. Though I love my friends and family, and have other hobbies, nothing comes close to giving me the same level of fulfillment as being in rehearsal room, creating with the people that I trust. Theatre makers are watching our industry crumble. But at the same time, we're also seeing theatre makers rise from the ashes. After all, we tend to be a pretty creative bunch. Though nothing will come close to recreating what we once had, I am seeing my friends and co-workers find temporary solutions to keep their minds working and gears turning during this time.

Working on shows is really how I've gotten through college. They give me the motivation to keep going, wake up every morning, and get my work done, so that for three hours every night, I can go be wacky and creative and make things at rehearsal with my friends. Even though student theatre isn't all smiles and rainbows, it is incredibly empowering to know that you made something. No professors to help, a small budget and a group of individuals doing this on the side can still make something beautiful.

I was originally very opposed to Zoom theatre. In trying to replicate live theatre, I feel like a lot if the magic is lost. I have felt really lost over the last few months, so I was originally reluctant to join any shows this semester, thinking it would only make me sad that we couldn't be together in real life. However, I knew that I needed to do something creative or I would not be able to get through the semester. When my theatre group announced that one of our shows was going to be recorded, edited, and then streamed, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to step in and better my video editing skills. Editing is not the same thing as being in rehearsal, but for the first time in a long time, I am excited about what I'm making. Just as theatre does, I feel like doing this project has given me a new sense of drive. We will never be able to replace what live theatre means to us with a digital format. However, that does not mean we should live in agony, waiting around for the day the world might get better, because with that we are wasting our energy and potential. Though it's not the same as live theatre, editing has given me a creative outlet and a sense of purpose again, and I highly recommend doing the same for those who still feel lost.

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