BWW Recap: Pigeons, Pregnancy & More Make a Big, Bold Return on YOUNGER

What a whirlwind this week's installment is! Yes, the much-hyped two part season finale is just a week away, and the YOUNGER writers waste no time in preparing us for the events to come. Without spoilers (natch), the episode ends perfectly, leaving every storyline in a semi-cliffhanger which brilliantly wraps it up satisfyingly for this week, while simultaneously leaving it open just enough to erupt in some sort of wild and crazy climax (as only these writers can do) next week.

But of course, there's an abundance of antics and hullabaloo in the episode itself we must dissect to get there. Yes, this explosive episode finds one couple experiencing a pregnancy scare, another devising a new living arrangement, yet another possibly torn apart by "the other woman." Plus, someone stands up to the big boss... and it's all circulating around the return of (yes, indeed!) P IS FOR PIGEON ('cause really... why the hell not?!) It's all ahead or behind (depending on whether or not you've seen the episode), but if you're intrigued, and wanna delve a bit deeper... you know what to do. Read on, read on:

The A-Plot: Well, for one, as mentioned, the pregnancy topic is back on the table, after Liza discovers she accidentally dropped her NuvaRing on the bathroom floor a while back, and she and Josh have, therefore, been having unprotected sex for the last week.

When a hastily-taken pregnancy test reveals there's (luckily) no bun in the oven, Liza's relieved, to say the least - in fact, she's actually "never been more relieved in [her] life," as she later tells Maggie - but Josh is clearly crushed.

The discussion also seems far from over - while out at a gala celebrating and honoring the author of P IS FOR PIGEON ('cause, again, we just couldn't get enough LOL... I told you it would be prominent this season), Liza continues to feel the heat when Josh expertly takes care of Charles' daughter, prompting comments from other characters like, "He's terrific with kids," "Don't put ideas in her head," and - and this one really hurts, considering the circumstances - "They're young. They have all the time in the world." (Just watch the way Liza looks at Josh after that comment - so despondent... she knows she's crushed him by turning him down!!! She knows the truth! She ain't that young... or, at least, as young as the Empirical staff thinks she is).

Side note: For that matter, notice how she looks at Charles while Josh is working on Nicole's tattoo - a surefire signal of the flickering sparks between her and her boss... something could happen soon!

Anyway.... during a walk home from work, Josh confronts Liza on the issue, and it's clear that, while they disagree, he's not backing down.

And in a moment not unlike the final few minutes of last week's installment, he compares their relationship to the electrifying Manhattan-Henge, in which the sun lines up within the street grid and sets exactly in between the buildings, stating: "That's just like us. We met at the perfect moment. We could have everything" (and yes, he means babies). "It's all lined up."

But unlike last week, where she smiled through her pain and laughed it off, she's visibly uncomfortable with all that he's saying. (Notice that breath she takes before she comments back... ooh! The subtleties! Don't you just LOVE Sutton Foster?!) Could this spell trouble in paradise? Remember, I pointed out that the pregnancy argument could be a deal breaker for Liza and thus, end her relationship with Josh.

And with her heading off to the Hamptons without him next week... it just leaves her more time to process her thoughts... and the state of her relationship in terms of where she's headed, where she wants to go, what she wants out of a boyfriend... and then, maybe it allows her to, you know, get closer with someone else, hmm? I mean, I'm just sayin'. But we shall see.

The B-Plot: Though Diana's having a bit of trouble adjusting to her new live-in boyfriend and all the fuss that comes with that arrangement, she's certainly not one to let anyone know, and tries to play up the (faux) success of her relationship in an effort to get under Charles' skin (he did, after all, break up with Radha). Unfortunately, it fails hard, as Charles reveals he's bringing a date as well, which further stirs the "jealousy pot."

Side note: Damn! It doesn't seem like Diana really loves this Richard guy. Like... I mean... sure, they're great together, and she's totally pushing her own boundaries... but she's still pining for Charles. What will happen when/if Richard finds out he's being used? (He is kinda being used, right? That's a correct assumption?) And again, it seems that all signs point to Charles/Liza having some sort of moment in the finale next week... so what happens what Diana discovers the heat that's been boiling between the two of them?!

To make it worse, it fails harder when Charles reveals his date to be daughter Nicole, and Diana's attempt to connect with the little one is thwarted when Nicole spots Liza (remember, how she good she is with those kids?)

The final straw comes when she goes up to introduce Mary Quigley at the P IS FOR PIGEON gala, and the author presents her with a parrot (as the passenger pigeons on which the novel's subject is based are, obviously, extinct), which she frantically tries to later get rid of, because she's afraid of the "commitment." (Hmmm... *metaphor* much?)

When Richard uses his psychology to get at the underlying feelings that are really bugging her - and calls her out on it - Diana realizes how guarded she really is, "not letting anyone in" (read: Richard) to her "big, brick wall."

And so, she announces - just an episode away from the big two-part finale - that Richard is moving in (!!!!)

Well, such a drastic change surely can't be without its consequences. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out....

But again, as I noted last week, major props to Diana for acknowledging her weaknesses, and making progress toward changing them. This isn't something we would see in Season 1 Trout Pout! (Also, notice how that moniker hasn't been used in a while?!) #Growth

Looking forward to seeing how this change will affect her... and how it will hopefully allow her to grow in other ways. But I'm getting ahead of myself... we do have two episodes left this season, and something tells me those in themselves will not be without conflict either!! Gosh, I love this show! #KeepsMeOnMyToes

But Also: Kelsey's P. O.'d cause Charles is resistant to giving Millennial a greater presence in the literary world. While out at a press event, she discovers hers is the only imprint that wasn't at book fairs in Frankfurt or London.

So when she hears of an expansion of the much-hyped Hamptons Book Fair, she takes a stand against her boss, stating she's going whether the company pays for it or not. Charles agrees and gives in... which, of course, sets the wheels in motion for the aforementioned, sure-to-be-explosive season finale, which will now find Liza, Kelsey and co. stirring up trouble in the Long Island location.

Now, obviously Kelsey's going to promote her imprint, but I can't help but wonder if the decision was also somewhat fueled by the fact that she feels threatened by Pippa (Colin's editor and her fair-weathered friend from a previous internship) - especially because the mention of the Book Fair comes right after Pippa lays down the law in terms of Kelsey helping Colin out with editing his book - "You're the girlfriend. I'm the editor" (which, in itself, I feel, was said because Pippa herself feels equally threatened by Kelsey's relationship with Colin - just look at her face at the beginning of the episode, when Colin pulls Kels in for what is presumably an author/editor photo op).

So, could Kelsey's presence in the Hamptons mess with Colin and Pippa's business relationship? Do you think she's planning to keep an eye on her friend? Do you think it will bring up trust issues between her and Colin? And will it eventually all go wrong and possibly blow up in her face? As I always say, only time will tell, but knowing how the series has gone so far (and I seriously don't know how it will turn out) I can only tell you to strap in! Toward another round of shenanigans in the Hamptons we go!

Look Who's Back: It's brief, but at long last, we get to catch a glimpse of Caitlin at college, when Liza frantically Skypes her daughter to ensure she's using protection after her little pregnancy scare sans birth control. Thanks to Maggie's consistent delivery of condoms, the younger Miller is safe and sound. (Phew!)

But that's not to say she isn't having her fun. And while it may not be with Rose, as previously speculated... it's definitely with someone... and I think I'd be incredibly remiss to not think this guy won't be back. There's definitely more to this story (there has to be, right?) and I can't wait to see how it all unravels... either in the next few episodes or the season to come.

Line of the Night: Let's lean toward the serious side tonight, as this line really resonated with me (and clearly, with Liza as well): "Let go of what you think should happen, and open yourself up to the vast, rich world of possibility." Go forth and prosper, YOUNGER-ians!! #MTFBWY

So... what are your thoughts? Where do you think Liza's headed next? And what about her future with Josh? And then, Diana? And Kelsey? And Charles?? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below... and we'll see you next week for the two-part season finale event! 'Til then, as always, stay YOUNGER.

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