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BWW Recap: P is for Pigeon, Pancake, and Pregnancy on YOUNGER

As you can tell from the title of the recap, P is for a lot of things on this week's installment. In addition to (finally!) canning Bryce and making progress with the Charles/Liza ship, the episode also sees Kelsey take another stab at dating post-Thad (with disastrous results, natch), Josh contemplating some pretty heavy stuff re: his future with Liza, and Diana dressing down to impress her boss (with hilarious results). Oh, and Maggie appears to have found a new beau, er... belle, as well. So, essentially, this one is packed with the good stuff for every character. So, why not just get started with the recap?

P is for Pigeon: It's three weeks in and Bryce is getting on everybody's nerves (called it!). As only she would, Diana obviously wants him fired, but Charles insists "Bryce could help Empirical adapt in ways that we might not think of ourselves."

But when Mr. Reiger bursts in on a pivotal discussion meeting regarding the prized P IS FOR PIGEON (sooooo love that there's continuity there BTW) to essentially pitch his idea of turning the century-old institution into a digital app, Charles begins to see that maybe keeping him on isn't exactly what's best for the company.

When P IS FOR PIGEON is nominated for the Man Booker prize (despite Bryce's persistence that it wouldn't even sell), he effectively pulls the plug on the investor relationship. Welp, we all saw that one coming.

I know his arc was coming to an end anyway... but with how rude he was to Tay last week, and his consistent interruptions during meetings and just overall obnoxious behavior... like... you can go join Jade from last season and live happily ever after. Good riddance!

And when Liza confronts Charles about his decision, we get an extra bonus clue that Charles/Liza might actually come to fruition: "I can be impulsive when I follow my heart."

Notice Liza's face as he walks away. Similar to the way the first episode ended (but actually the complete opposite), she totally knows he's talking about more than books. And with her and Josh on the brink (see below), the Charles/Liza ship may be not be far off from sailing away soon.

Mark my words - I don't know when, but Charles/Liza will definitely happen by the end of the season. It just has to, right? Right?! RIGHT?!!

P is for Pancake: Because barhopping obviously didn't go too well, Kelsey tries dating through an app. While she's initially nervous about her prospect, she actually ends up hitting it off with the guy - so much so that they plan a second date before they even end the first.

Which is great for Kels, but Lauren's not so sure, telling her friend she needs to find a "bad pancake" - someone who doomed to fail, as the "bad pancake theory" says the first guy you date after a serious relationship usually is - to avoid squandering this "perfect guy" away.

Kelsey obliges, confronting the guy - Lucas - and spilling the beans re: her theory... but he soon reveals some details that lead her to believe he is the bad pancake.

And so, after a quick tram-slam (if you haven't seen it yet, just watch it for yourself), she (sad face) leaves him out in the cold.

I don't know... IMO that was incredibly shallow of Kelsey. Don't judge a book by... where he lives. He was a really nice guy, and I would've liked to have seen something happen with them.

Damn it, Lauren! Like, why are you giving out relationship advice?! You just had your own meltdown not even two weeks ago, and it hit you so hard, you drowned yourself in breadsticks. Like... stable much?! #CheckYourselfBeforeYouWreckOthers

Second, Kelsey leaving Lucas means that this entire plot was just filler. Wah wah. (Though I do like how the "pancake theory" carried over into Diana's plot line). I hope he comes back in the future so that there's continuity. Might be fun - and ironic - to have her end up on Roosevelt Island to nab some author... and then they meet up, apologize, and start something new. Hey, it could happen... Liza/Josh seem to have lasted forever. Anything can happen on this show. And who doesn't want to fight for love?

P is for Pregnancy: While at the party, Liza and Josh overhear a group of doctors talking about how difficult it is for women to get pregnant if they're over 35. Which gets Josh thinking.... And you know that can't be good for Liza, who tells him she doesn't think she'll want to have another kid, especially at her age.

But Josh seems like he really, really, really wants a kid (look at his face - and hers, for that matter, when she pulls the plug). Could this signal the end of Josh/Liza? Could it be another sign?!

But Also: After discovering Charles is dating Radha, Diana (with Liza's help) attempts to make herself more noticeable; she "softens her look" so as to impress Charles and catch his attention. Of course, it fails to work, BUT it did provide some character relationship development and #qualitybondingtime for Diana and Liza.

Also, it allows Liza to prove to herself that she does know what she's doing, as she rattles off millennial term after millennial term to the completely perplexed Diana. As she says, "It's not as hard to adapt as it seems".... and she would know!

Nice to that she's gaining some confidence in her 26-year-old abilities and is able to help others with her knowledge and understanding. It's funny, 'cause if she wasn't "26," and boning up on these terms herself to blow her secret, Liza'd be just as clueless!

Also, having the upper hand on Diana in this way will come in super-handy when she reveals herself to be just as old as Diana.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the "bad pancake theory" plot point carried over, and Liza was able to learn from the millennials (Lauren and Kelsey) and then bestow her knowledge onto Diana, who, again thinks Liza's a millennial. It's just genius writing!

For this, and the continuation of MAJOR character growth between Liza and Diana, I give this plot an A+.

And Then There's... Maggie. Having officially ended it with Lauren, Maggie pursues Malkie, a gardener friend with an "all-natural, kinfolk-ey vibe" that Maggie just can't seem to resist.

Malkie invites Maggie to a party at her boutique, and although the latter initially misinterprets the former being an Orthodox Jew as her being gay (you just gotta see it if you haven't already), Malkie admits to having feelings for her, confirms she's *also* gay, and the two hit it off. Not much else happens here, but sets the foundation for something more to come. I'm excited to see where this relationship goes.

And I, on the other hand, am glad she's found someone for herself now that she and Lauren have officially ended it. Lauren's moving on, why shouldn't Maggie? Peace be with you both!!

Look Who's Back: Becky!! What the... I totally thought she was a temp assistant and therefore, left when Liza came back. But apparently, she not only hasn't left, but she apparently has a (sort of) full-time position?! I don't know... it's not really explained fully, so maybe I misread that. BUT I will say that seeing Becky hot-desking in Diana's office caught me completely off-guard ... and not just because she's clearly testing Trout Pout's patience. It literally just made me go, "What the what?!"

Line of the Night: There were a lot. Some I noted for their significance, like Liza's "It's not as hard to adapt as it seems" and "It's less about learning new things, and more about letting go of old things." Totally relates to how she feels about her new 26-year-old life. Totally hidden (literally) meaning! That's why I love these writers!

But... the funniest line of the night IMO goes to Lauren, who, after Josh explained Liza was his "bad pancake" and they turned out all right, deadpans: "Yeah, you two are the picture of a stable relationship." R. O. F. L. Oh, Lauren! If you only knew.....

So... what are your thoughts? Where do you think Liza and the gang are headed next? Let us know in the comments below... and we'll see you next week! 'Til then, as always, stay YOUNGER.

Check out a sneak peek at next week's episode of YOUNGER:

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