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Blog: The Fantasy Factory
June 29, 2022

Writer and actor Kyle Dunn blogs about his experience at the Atlantic Acting School Summer Intensive in 2020. Atlantic’s Summer Intensive invites actors to our studios in New York City for an immersive six weeks. Through scene study, script analysis, and rehearsal, students study Practical Aesthetics, Atlantic’s signature acting technique, and take weekly guest classes from working industry professionals.

BWW Blog: Everything We Do, We Do in Community
June 1, 2022

Atlantic has been my artistic home since 2001.  I began as an acting student at Atlantic’s NYU program before moving on to direct and choreograph shows for Atlantic Acting School. Eventually, I found myself on staff as the School Artistic Director.

BWW Blog: This is the Beginning of Your Professional Life
April 29, 2022

Atlantic Acting School alum (and current Coordinator of Student Affairs - NYU) Mahima Saigal spoke with us about her experience at Atlantic and how it prepared her for being a working actor and, most recently, a director!

BWW Blog: 'What Comes from the Heart, Goes to the Heart'
March 21, 2022

Every Monday at 5:30pm I enter the Google Building in New York City through a pair of gigantic glass double doors. This ritual upon first examination appears grossly quotidian, but upon further, much deeper reflection it occurs to me that there was I time I felt like buckling at the knees at the very thought and anticipation of what awaited me behind those slender silver studded doors.

BWW Blog: Discipline & Diligence at Atlantic's Summer Intensive
January 21, 2022

Summer Intensive alum Charmaine Bingwa ('The Good Fight') discusses how the program prepared her for the rigor and dedication required by a professional career in TV and film.

BWW Blog: How to Be Present, How to Be Aware, How to Be Me
December 9, 2021

“To be an actor is to be.” This quote has set the foundation for everything I do in life. It was one of the first things I heard when I began Atlantic’s Staging Success program my freshman year of high school, where once a week my classmates and I met with acting teachers from Atlantic Acting School. This is a privilege that many children are not able to experience and I am so thankful that I did.

BWW Blog: 10 Things to Know Before Attending Acting School
November 3, 2021

This month's blog from Atlantic Theater Company comes from Christopher Jewels-Booth, Atlantic Acting School Director of Admissions.

BWW Blog: Practical Aesthetics- Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
September 30, 2021

Several of my teachers have said, “part of this first year is about getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” Generally, this statement means two things:

BWW Blog: Trust The Journey
September 8, 2021

One of the most important lessons that I learned during my time at Atlantic Acting School’s Evening Conservatory was to trust the journey because you never know where it will take you.

BWW Blog: 'The Global Virtual Conservatory Felt Like a Full Body Workout!'
August 6, 2021

About a week after the ball dropped in Times Square and ended 2020, I swore off acting on Zoom. It had been a good run. I hadn’t reached the decision out of frustration or disappointment. I was just burned out. From the beginning of lockdown in New York to the start of 2021, I was acting into my computer anywhere between two and nine times a week: improv shows, improv classes, sketch shows, character classes, a Shakespeare play, a film noir radio play—if I had the time I would do it. While these shows and classes were fun and stimulating, acting day after day in my bedroom, to my laptop, was getting exhausting. I planned to step away for a little while to choose my next move. Enter: Atlantic Acting School.

BWW Blog: Practical Aesthetics & August Wilson- Practicality & Poetry
June 23, 2021

This workshop led by Atlantic Acting School Artistic Director Reggie D. White is a scene study class set to the words and worlds of prolific playwright August Wilson. Watch and learn as Atlantic students Suzen Baraka and DJ Davis perform a scene from Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone, using our analysis technique to find the freedom in the beauty of Wilson's language.

BWW Blog: My Name is Ian Aric- A Military Veteran and an Atlantic Student
May 11, 2021

IAN ARIC: Ian is a 27 year old veteran currently attending Atlantic Acting school. Outside of school, Ian is a playwright and screen writer. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Lexi and his dog Luna.

BWW Blog: Five Atlantic Technique Experts Weigh In: Can You Use the Same 'As-If' for a Different Action?
April 29, 2021

For the final session in our spring #TechniqueTuesdays series, we gathered an expert panel to discuss Atlantic Acting School's world-renowned technique, Practical Aesthetics. Although all of these master teachers studied the technique themselves, they each have slightly different views on how to apply it. Watch and learn from some of the best: Clark Gregg, Karen Kohlhaas, Chivonne Michelle, Anya Saffir, and Reggie D. White!

BWW Blog: All That Exists is this Moment: My Time at the Atlantic Acting School
March 18, 2021

The hustle and bustle of New York was the perfect backdrop for the intensity that was the 2018 Summer Intensive at the Atlantic Acting School. It was such beautiful opportunity to take a deep dive into the Practical Aesthetics methodology.

BWW Blog: What I've Learned: A Letter to Current Students
February 4, 2021

Atlantic Full Time Conservatory Alum Youssef Sabet was asked to speak to his fellow classmates during their Final Share Day, 2020. In his own words, read below what Youssef has learned during his time at Atlantic Acting School.

Video Blog: What I've Learned- Acting in the Age of COVID
January 20, 2021

Listen in as current Atlantic student Emma Green addresses her classmates. And while these are undoubtedly trying times, Emma shares how she has gotten through the past few semesters and what she's learned from her time at Atlantic so far!

BWW Blog: Atlantic Acting School: Teaching Practical Aesthetics Since the 1980s
December 1, 2020

Atlantic Acting School was established by playwright David Mamet and actor William H Macy to teach their Practical Aesthetics technique. Today the school offers BA degrees, a conservatory programme, a year-long evening course and a summer programme.

Video Blog: Perspective & Growth: Acting in the Age of COVID
November 24, 2020

Current Atlantic student Ura Yoana Sánchez (Full-Time Conservatory Class of 2020) reflects on a recent Zoom performance experience, and how she has pivoted and grown as an artist through the tools afforded by Practical Aesthetics, the Atlantic Technique.

Video Blog: An Introduction to the Atlantic Technique
October 2, 2020

This introductory workshop led by Atlantic Acting School faculty member and alum Sam Gonzalez, walks through the building blocks of the Atlantic acting technique, Practical Aesthetics, as developed by co-Founders David Mamet and William H. Macy.

BWW Blog: Now Is The Time/No Time Like The Present
September 3, 2020

I've been acting since 1989 - a union member of both major acting unions since the late 1990's/early 2000's. During my career, I've been described as a 'working actor,' an 'actor's actor' and/or 'a blue collar actor.' There have been times where even though I have called myself, with outward pride, an actor; internally, I've felt lacking. I never went to a four-year acting program. I actually started out as a visual artist, attending art school after high school. But even as a child in North Carolina, I'd strike poses in my bedroom mirror, as if I was appearing in the opening credits of shows like 'Hawaii Five-O,' humming the theme song as I vamped it up. I had the dream, but I honestly didn't even know there was such a thing as an acting school.