New Comedy Debate SCI FIGHT Premieres at Spotted Mallard

New Comedy Debate SCI FIGHT Premieres at Spotted Mallard

Now announcing the debut of SCI FIGHT, a new science comedy debate event at the Spotted Mallard (home of the Laborastory).

Hosts are the quarrelsome science comedians Tom Lang (of Love, Factually) and Alanta Colley (of Parasites Lost). They'll be joined by Melbourne's funniest nerds and smartest comedians to fight it out (rhetorically) for your approval (literally) live on stage (physically). It's going to be eye-opening, mind blowing, and side splitting. No organ is safe!

This round's topic: "Humans are as good as it gets"

We're often pretty down on ourselves; we Homo Erectus. I mean, sure, we caused climate change. We've eliminated more species than arctic frosts and volcanoes combined. We invented hair in a can. But are we too critical? I mean we've also done some pretty neat stuff. We closed the hole in the ozone layer (after making it). We've been to space, and some of us have even come back. We banned hair in a can. And the competition is pretty bleak! Cockroaches can survive nuclear fallout but they're rubbish at making pavlova. Tardigrades are immortal, but similarly rubbish at making pavlova. Dolphins can't even say 'pavlova'. Are we the best sentient life has to offer? Or is there a better option?

Tickets are available at

The event is on April 20th at 7.30pm. Groups of 4 get tickets are $15 each and tables are limited, so grab your lab partners, lock up your guinea pigs, and get yourself a front-row seat!

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