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Student Blog: Thank Goodness Wicked Exists.


After watching Wicked's concert...

Student Blog: Thank Goodness Wicked Exists.

Good news! September is here and I feel so happy to have the chance to write one more time and to share with you this passion of mine.

In this Musical theatre world "Wicked" is one of the top "most known" musicals. Actually, Wicked was my first Broadway musical I watched and listened to when I was 12. The moment the show started I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I wanted to be part of that magic.

As years have gone by, I've been loving other musicals, I've extended my musical range which I love, but every time I see something regarding Wicked my body get chills and this knot in my belly and throat arises and wow.

Wicked's concert aired last week, and every performance was spectacular, it was so different to watch different actors singing these remarkable songs, they transmitted to me the passion, love and connection. Even if I've listened to every song more than a thousand times, I got to feel the sensation that it was the first time my ears were hearing these songs.

When Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, showed up to present the songs and give a little synopsis, my eyes started watering, I think it is so special that they are still there, telling this amazing story and opening the road for younger generations to keep the narrative.

As Rita Moreno mentioned, Wicked songs are not easy songs to sing, Stephen Schwartz did an AMAZING job writing these songs, they are catchy but complex, but heart touching. This is why I love, because after I get to see the journey and transformation each character has in every song, my ears and heart have a beautiful sensation.

Connecting with the characters and the lyrics to my own life is magical, situations, limitations and people are constantly changing with my life but that sense and feeling of being understood and saved by Stephen Schwartz notes and the actors voice is pure magic.

When I heard Ariana DeBose's "The Wizard and I" I dropped into happy tears again, because I felt so related, knowing that my future is unlimited but blurry at the same time.

When she let go her voice and soul in the stage I could feel a strong heart connection.

They say it is hard to embody these characters because everyone has an expectation about them but, every time I get to see singers and actors performing these same characters and these songs, I find something unique and original that makes me feel it is the first time I see it, that is magical.

I believe we all need to go back to the things that made us love what we love because it is a reminder of the WHY are you doing what you are doing.
In my case, Wicked is where I always come back and it reminds me that I can be unlimited and capable of defying gravity. Thanks Goodness Wicked exists.

  • Claudia Quintero a passionate and Mexican girl.

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