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Student Blog: Suddenly Senior


Preparing for the last year of college and words of advice

It really has not fully registered for me that I am an upperclassman, let alone that I just finished my junior year of college. With the pandemic, everything has kind of felt like a whirlwind and a blur. I have not come to the realization really that all my friends who just graduated are not coming back in the fall to hang out and mess around. Since I am getting ready to start the last year of my college journey, I thought I'd reflect and say what I want to about my college journey and what I would like to do for my senior year.

Student Blog: Suddenly Senior At my school, theatre is an extracurricular, everyone who does it, does it on their own time. So, I would love to do shows in person. My school has mandated the vaccine and is taking steps to plan an in-person year, which I am very hopeful and excited about. Doing theatre online has been one of the most stressful things I have done. With theatre, I learned to not take it for granted because although it is time-consuming and tiring, it is a lot of fun and I genuinely find myself happy and enjoying the company I am around. On the other hand, I have also learned to not push myself and that if I do not feel up to something, I do not have to actually do it. Taking a break is okay, especially with everything else that goes on.

Academics is what we all end up at college for, for a degree in something. I am very happy to say that I love my major and I cannot wait to do something with it in the future. I just got an internship this summer at an advertising agency and I am very excited to get into the advertising world. I can say that I have never truly had a hard time with academics, I love learning and it comes relatively naturally to me in most subjects. Make time for your academics though, do not wait forever to do stuff, and do not just put it off and shrug your shoulders. At the end of the day, it does not help you to not do anything about your work. It is there and it has to get done, so you might as well do it and then give yourself a nice snack or a break afterward. My personal favorite was a week of hard assignments and tests, my friend and I would meet up to go get sushi at a restaurant near the school. Student Blog: Suddenly Senior

As a future tour guide of my school, one thing I always tell anyone in or going to college is that college is what you make of it. If you do nothing but go to class and to your room, you might not have the best time. Find the people you want to hang around, find the activities you want to join, or even try something new. You will find what you are supposed to be doing and it will make college the best time of your life. Surround yourself with friends who will actually support you and make you a better version of yourself. I know friend groups make situations difficult, but at the end of the day, you surround yourself with people you actually want to. One of my good friends told me that you are a combination of the five people you surround yourself with most. I plan on being the best version of myself and surrounding myself with friends who are not only good people but support me in what I do (while also checking me if I am on the wrong side). College friends are sometimes the ones who will end up with you through the rest of it, so make sure to find the ones you want in your life. If there has been anything this pandemic has taught us, it is that life should not be taken for granted. Go out there and grab life by the horns. You are here to be you and do what you're supposed to do, whatever that is. The world is not going to wait for you, and although life may be challenging, everything will come together at the end of the day.

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