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Student Blog: Living Life as a Musical

What kind of superpower would you have if you had the choice?

Student Blog: Living Life as a Musical

When I was in elementary school, I remember a teacher asking the class if we could have any superpowers what they would be. While most of my classmates choose being invisible or superstrength or that kind of a generic superhero characteristic, I wished for background music that changed according to my feelings and general mood. This was pre-Spotify and even pre-Youtube so playing any song you like whenever you want wasn't really easy. Of course, my wish seemed very boring and weak to many of my peers since it didn't give me an advantage in a fight over anyone who had the ability to be invisible or fly, or superstrength. This was one of the first moments I realized how as humans, we prefer power over happiness. While I wanted a song to sing and dance to at my happy moments, most others wanted to be the most powerful person on the earth and win every fight they would be in.

Now, looking back, I understand that what I describe is mainly being a character in a musical; so, every now and then, I act as if I am in one, even if I'm not on stage. After all, this is the closest I can get to my wish. I put on my earphones, and the whole world disappears, at least to me. I dance, not professionally, but intuitively. I let the rhythm and lyrics guide me. It doesn't matter where I am; I can be in a crowded street in the city or at a sand-covered beach, kicking through the waves, as long as I have my music, I know that I don't need a professionally lit stage or a full-house, wherever I am will do.

This brings me to the reaction I get from other people around me. When people see me singing and dancing by myself, they either find it very abnormal or very brave. I would like to think that it's neither. Why it's bizarre to show my happiness, or why is it brave? Why did we normalize living a rushed life full of sullen faces, and why showing your happiness is either a show of weakness or craziness?

I used to care about what other people thought of me, even if they were people I didn't know or wouldn't see in my life ever again. However, now that I know I look at life differently from these people, I don't care what they say or think about me. As long as we live in a society that rewards who can sacrifice the most to fit in the most perfectly, I would rather be found strange and continue singing and dancing on my own.



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