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Student Blog: Internships, Jobs, and Summer Break, Oh My!


Balancing Summer Life In Summer 2021

Student Blog: Internships, Jobs, and Summer Break, Oh My!

To me, summer is such a weird time. As a college student specifically, I feel like everyone wants you to have the time of your life, while also working your ass off at a job to get money, or working for an unpaid internship to just try and get a foot in the door at a possible job in a field you enjoy. So, as someone who is trying so hard to enjoy their summer, earn some money, and figure out if I am really doing what I want to do at my internship. I'll tell you what it is like, and maybe offer some tips.

This summer I have two jobs and an internship, so I am a camp counselor and I am a consumer educator for an agency (in short, they are the people who do tastings at liquor stores and other places, and yes I am 21), as well as an intern that, thankfully, only has to commit ten hours a week for a television advertising agency. I'm not going to lie, it is stressful, but I can, also, say it is extremely rewarding as well. I feel as if I am genuinely learning so much, and it does make my brain spin sometimes, but it is worth it to gain so much knowledge. My camp counselor job has yet to start, but once it starts I am sure to have everything going on starting bright and early at 7 am. For someone who does not enjoy waking up to start my day so early, here's what I plan to do. I plan to set aside time to actually get Starbucks at the least.Student Blog: Internships, Jobs, and Summer Break, Oh My! I require caffeine to function most days, especially with young children running around, setting aside time for Starbucks gives me a little start to my day, while also giving me a drink I really love to make me more energetic and enjoyable for the day to start. So, if you don't like Starbucks, but you have another drink or food you like, make time for it in your day for yourself.

My other goal for summer is to have fun! I love hanging out with my friends, and living at college makes it difficult because all my friends are from all over the country, making it hard to see them in the summer. Thankfully, I have four to five friends that live relatively close to me that I can hang out with during the summer. My goal is to be able to actually do stuff with my friends this summer, go out to new places and just go a little crazy. Not too crazy, but a little crazy. My friends and I have been making a lot of time to go to the gym lately, and it's a goal we all want to achieve, which is something small we do together. I will take all the time I can get with my friends as well because I care about them immensely.

Student Blog: Internships, Jobs, and Summer Break, Oh My! So, my goal is to be able to balance all of this. I barely know how to do that myself. However, I have some ideas. One is to make time for myself, just me and that's it. I am not someone who likes to be alone, I like to be with people and always doing stuff, which means I can get drained quite easily. Another thing is to do stuff I like, even the little things because life is too short to ignore things that make you happy. It could be trips with friends or even a venti drink at Starbucks. It's the little things in life is always a saying I liked and it's time I start going by it, and you all should too.

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