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Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

What Enneagram types fit different Broadway characters-- based on my opinion!

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

As a disclaimer, these are not every trait of the types in the enneagram, just some of the ones I chose to highlight while doing this article. I really love the enneagram topic, but if you are basing yourself off the traits I write down, please take a more detailed test of the enneagram, you can find them online, and with that, let's go!

Enneagram Type 1 Traits: Rational, Self-Controlled, Perfectionistic, Dogged

The 1 is what I like to describe as a perfectionist, everything needs to be done right and under their control, they seem to have everything completely in line and never let their emotions get in their way. They can have very strong opinions within their equally strong morals. For this I chose, Elder Price from The Book of Mormon, he has very strong beliefs throughout the entirety of the show.

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway Enneagram Type 2 Traits: Generous, People-pleasing, Nurturing, Possessive

The 2 is almost like a 'mom-friend' in a way, they are the caregiver, they love to care for and about people, it's what they do. They're selfish and have a hard time saying no, but they can get protective, almost possessive even about the people they care most about. This type was difficult for me to place, but I, eventually, chose Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton, although she has a very strong personality, she sings about her care over her sisters, and how she overlooks Alexander at first because she is the eldest sister and needs to marry a wealthy man for her family. She chooses to not pursue Alexander for her sister Eliza as well (I, also, think Eliza could possibly be a 2)

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway Enneagram Type 3 Traits: Success-Oriented, Driven, Pragmatic, Image-Conscious

The 3 is someone who is nothing short of hardworking, always going to get their work done to better themselves. They thrive off of success, they want it. Similar to a 1, but they are more pragmatic and focused on themselves and how to better themselves and set themselves up for success. They care about how they present themselves to other people and what they do in the eyes of other people. For this, I chose Morticia from The Addams Family due to her nature of caring about her family and what they look like to new people and showing the best side of her and her family.

Enneagram Type 4 Traits: Sensitive, Introverted, Dramatic, Temperamental

The 4 is a type I have trouble placing because many people can fall into this category. However, just because someone is sensitive and dramatic does not make them a 4. For this, I chose J.D. from Heathers, he is very introverted and keeps to himself until Veronica is around him, he's very sensitive to the things that are said to him and is ready to blow up on anyone who hurts Veronica.

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

Enneagram Type 5 Traits: Perceptive, Isolated, Secretive, Innovative

The 5 at its textbook definition is almost like the person you see reading in a coffee shop on a rainy day for the entire day. That is not all the 5 is though. The 5 tends to keep to themselves, would much rather sit and observe and let things go by instead of intervening. They try and stay awake from involvement and only really open up to a few. For this, I chose Dawn from Waitress, she really only is open to Becky and Jenna and is so afraid for what is to come of her love life. She would rather watch from a distance than pursue.

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

Enneagram Type 6 Traits: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, Suspicious

The 6 is a hard type to place because many people fall into this category because there are two types of 6's. There is a counterphobic and phobic six. In the most simple terms, a phobic six is less likely to fight, and a counterphobic six is a fighter. For this, I chose a phobic and a counterphobic six. The phobic six I chose is Evan Hansen from Dear Evan Hansen, anxious but wants to speak and be noticed by people. He takes his work seriously but is afraid of what people think of him as well. On the other hand, the counterphobic six I chose is Allison from Fun Home. It is clear that Allison is very worried about what people will think of her growing up, but she has a responsibility to do well in school and do well for her family. She places expectations on herself to achieve as a person and questions herself a lot in college.

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway Enneagram Type 7 Traits: Spontaneous, Versatile, Fun-loving, Distractible

The 7's hold a special place in my heart as a 7 myself. The 7 is always up for fun, they need to be doing something almost always. 7's are down to do almost anything and are capable of doing many things at once. This leads to them being easily distracted and even struggling to stay focused at times, but do not let this fool you as being unintelligent. I chose Elle Woods from Legally Blonde for a Type 7, she's fun, optimistic, and down to do anything, especially when she puts her mind to something she wants.

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway Enneagram Type 8 Traits: Powerful, Dominant, Decisive, Confrontational

The 8 is the protector or the defender, always ready to protect those they care about, they know how to make decisions and when. However, sometimes they do not know their own power and can come off too confrontational or controlling to others. I chose Janis Ian from Mean Girls for the Type 8. She is ready to stand up for Cady and for Damien, and she was ready to get revenge on Regina for what she did with Aaron to Cady.

Enneagram Type 9 Traits: Easygoing, Receptive, Reassuring, Complacent

The 9 is a reassuring character, a peacemaker. They do not enjoy fighting and always try to keep the tides at bay among the people they care about. They are always there to listen and help and enjoy others' company. However, this could lead to them not always voicing their opinions or playing both sides. I chose The Cheshire Cat from Alice By Heart. Throughout the entire musical, she is there for Alice talking her through her problems and listening to her, ready to help.

Student Blog: Enneagram and Broadway

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