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Tips for being comfortable by being you and open


Hello! Welcome to another blog, we are almost at the end of August, time flies quick!

I am so happy to write one more time and so thankful with you for reading me!

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I am currently in my hometown in Mexico, taking a little break before coming back to my Musical Theatre Program in Toronto.

In these past few weeks I've been seeing some friends, with all the safety measures but it is so heartwarming to be connecting in person again with everyone. Most of my friends that live here, don't love Musical Theatre, or musicals in general haha, so I wanted to talk about that today because even if we are different, I get to spread the passion that I have for musicals in an organic way.

First of all I wanted to mention that the ideal situation, is to be flexible, we don't have to be friends ONLY with Musical Theatre people I believe being diverse and get to connect with people that have other passions its enriching. Joining this, I find essential to stay truth to ourselves and be proud of what we do and what we love.

STORYTIME, the other day I was with a good friend of mine, I was talking about my classes and my program and he said to me the classic "I don't understand why you love Musicals, I mean I respect it, but I find no sense on people bursting into a song, we do not do that in real life", which I answered "YES! And that is the magic and human part of it, in songs we get to connect with the character and not only the character, to ourselves, to our emotions. We get to remind that we are not robots and that there is a world inside our heads and we are worth showing it." He completely agreed and thanked me for sharing my perspective.

This is a Summary of my answer because I really get passionate about this, but I mean 3 points with this.

  1. It is amazing to connect with people that has different tastes because this opens up the opportunity to learn from them and share your OWN experience/points of view and you can even be a light by bringing what you have to say, being respectful always.
  2. I could have kept quiet and just nod my head, but talking about of what I most love and not minding if people like it or not, makes me feel expanded and even more proud of what I do.
  3. People not necessarily have to agree with you and you don't have to agree with them however, talking and putting in the table who you are, is a way to find that thing that connects you.

Here are some reflections that might help you connect in a deeper authentic and expanded level.

Thank you for reading me! Have a safe and fun rest of your month

- Claudia Quintero a Mexican and passionate girl.

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