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RECAP: The Cast of CAROLINE IN THE CITY Did a Reading of the Pilot Episode on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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RECAP: The Cast of CAROLINE IN THE CITY Did a Reading of the Pilot Episode on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in The House, benefiting The Actors Fund, continued Tuesday night (8pm) for a Caroline in the City Cast reunion with Malcolm Gets, Cathy Ladman, Tom La Grua, Andy Lauer, Eric Lutes, John Mariano, Amy Pietz and Lea Thompson.

Co-creator Marco Pennette talked about how CAROLINE IN THE CITY came to be. "I co-created it with Fred Barron and Dottie Dartland. The three of us got together. We really wanted to do a show that was female-driven. In the mid-90s as far as sitcoms go, there really weren't a lot of female-driven shows and we kind of thought that was a breath of fresh air at that point...We fell in love with this idea of a cartoonist. Cathy [comic] was very big at the time...We ended up writing it on spec which meant no one hired us to write it we just loved the idea. We were working on another show at the time and we ended up writing it. We wrote it for CBS and they said no thank you but NBC said we'll take it and we shipped it over to NBC and they had Lea Thompson under a deal and it all kind of fell into place."

Lea Thompson talked about how she got the role of Caroline. "I actually developed a comedy and a drama and they didn't like them and then they handed me a stack...this was the best story of my life! They handed me a stack of scripts and Warren Littlefield just took one off the top and said 'this CAROLINE IN THE CITY, this is the one you should do.' I go 'why?' and he said 'cause you're name's in the title, they can't get rid of you!' Also, I had two babies so it seemed like a great thing but I also loved the script, it was hilarious and scary. I was so scared to do a sitcom. It was something."

The cast of CAROLINE IN THE CITY did a reading of the pilot episode.

Malcolm Gets sang a section from the workshop of A NEW BRAIN.

Lea Thompson sang from CABARET.

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Stars in the House continues today (2pm) with Plays in the House: THE CONFESSION OF LILY DARE (Starring Nancy Anderson, Christopher Borg, Charles Busch, Howard McGillin, Kendal Sparks, Jennifer Van Dyck. Directed by Carl Andress)

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Current and past episodes can be found on the website, as well as a donate button linking viewers to The Actors Fund.

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