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Photo Coverage: Stars Celebrate Canada Day

On Friday, June 29th, Broadway performers from the upcoming The Little Mermaid and Grease, as well as current Broadway hits Mamma Mia!, 110 In the Shade, Mary Poppins and Beauty and The Beast, celebrated Canada Day, which is on July 1st.  They joined Robert Creighton and Friends for the 3rd Annual Canadian Day Party at the Kevin St. James.

Canada Day is the country's national holiday, celebrating the establishment of Canada as a Dominion, which it was declared on July 1st, 1867.

Craig Ramsay and Douglas Giorgis

Adam Jacobs (Les Miz), Kelly Kohnert and Mark Sanders

 Robert Creighton (upcoming The Little Mermaid) and Craig Ramsay

A Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reunion: Craig Ramsay, Henry Hodges and Robert Creighton

Clyde Alves (Wicked) and Robyn Hurder (upcoming Grease)

Natalie Hill (upcoming Grease), Laura Osnes (upcoming Grease) and Robyn Hurder

Natalie Hill, Bret Shuford (upcoming The Little Mermaid) and Laura Osnes

Natalie Hill, Robert Creighton and Laura Osnes

Melissa Rae Mahon, Robyn Hurder and Gabriella Garcia

Mamie Parris (110 in the Shade) and Robert Creighton

Christopher Invar (110 in the Shade), Mamie Parris, Will Swenson (110 in the Shade) and Betsy Wolfe (110 in the Shade)

Robyn Hurder and Justin Patterson (upcoming Young Frankenstein)

Sandy Rosenberg (Mamma Mia!) and Keisha T. Fraser (Mamma Mia!)

Latrisa Coleman (The Color Purple) and Kemba Shannon (The Color Purple)

Suzanne Hylenski (Mary Poppins), Henry Hodges (Mary Poppins) and Kevin Yee (Mary Poppins)

Ryan Link, Rachael McLaren, Alanna Chisholmd and Nicolas Dromard (Mary Poppins)

Alanna Chisholm and Nicholas Dromard

Henry Hodges and Steve Blanchard (Beauty & the Beast)

Steve Blanchard and Meredith Inglesby (upcoming The Little Mermaid)

Laurence Holzman (Lyricist), Lara Holzman and Robert Creighton

Maurice Murphy (Spelling Bee), Jesse Nager (Mary Poppins) and Tituss Burgess (upcoming The Little Mermaid)

Zakiya Young Mizen (upcoming The Little Mermaid), Derrick Baskin (upcoming The Little Mermaid) and Kay Trinidad (upcoming The Little Mermaid)

Cast members for the upcoming The Little Mermaid: Robert Creighton, Kay Trinidad, Tituss Burgess, Zakiya Young Mizen, Derrick Baskin and Daniel J. Watts

Latrisa Coleman and Robert Creighton

Krista Saab, Robert Creighton, Natalie Hill, Cody Green (upcoming Grease) and Jenny Powers (upcoming Grease)

Christina Sivrich (upcoming Grease), Natalie Hill, Cody Green and Jenny Powers

Starr Domingue, Alanna Chisholm and Rachael McLaren

Robert Creighton

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