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Ocean Luminaries Explore Ocean Mysteries at American Museum of Natural History

Join the brightest minds in economics, art, conservation, and exploration for Ocean Luminaries, an evening of dynamic discussions and performances by Museum scientists, artists, oceanographers, and entrepreneurs to kick off the special exhibition Unseen Oceans. This lively event, held under the blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, illuminates the cutting-edge in marine research and inspires wonder about the world's oceans.

This program is made possible by OceanX, an initiative of the Dalio Foundation, as part of its generous support of the special exhibition Unseen Oceans and its related educational activities and public programs.

WHO: Kelly Benoit-Bird: MacArthur Fellow and Senior Scientist at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute using acoustic engineering technology to explore the previously invisible behavior of ocean life. Prosanta Chakrabarty: Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes at the Museum of Natural Science at Louisiana State University studying the evolution of both freshwater and marine fishes. Sylvia Earle: Legendary oceanographer, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, author, and lecturer. Asher Jay: Designer, artist, and Creative Conservationist. In 2014, Jay was designated an Emerging Explorer by National Geographic. Kakani Katija: Principal engineer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute researching bio-inspired engineering design, experimental fluid dynamics, and ocean instrument development. Jodi Lomask: Founder and Artistic Director of Capacitor exploring non-traditional combinations of arts and sciences through movement. Wallace "J" Nichols: Scientist, activist, community organizer, and author who works to inspire a deeper connection with nature. Estefania Rodriguez: Associate Curator, Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Mark Siddall: Curator; Invertebrate Zoology, AMNH. Jill Sobule: American singer-songwriter. Sobule will share an original set inspired by the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. John Sparks: Curator-in-Charge, Department of Ichthyology, AMNH, Curator of Unseen Oceans. Rashid Sumaila: Professor and Director of the Fisheries Economics Research Unit at UBC Fisheries Centre specializing in bioeconomics, marine ecosystem valuation, and the analysis of global fishing issues. Tierney Thys: Marine biologist, science educator, and National Geographic Explorer studying the behavior of the Mola mola, or giant ocean sunfish. Cindy Van Dover: Professor of Biological Oceanography at Duke University and former ALVIN pilot. Van Dover is a deep-sea biologist with an interest in ocean exploration and the ecology of chemosynthetic ecosystems.

Unseen Oceans (March 12, 2018-January 6, 2019) will take visitors on a journey from the oceans' sunlit surfaces to inky depths as they discover the latest ocean science and encounter the researchers and technologies powering exploration today. Visitors will explore a series of circular, media-rich galleries that will showcase a range of marine ecosystems, and introduce a new generation of scientists who are using cutting-edge research tools and developing new methods to explore the oceans top to bottom. Live marine animals will also be featured, including iridescent, bioluminescent comb jellies, as well as seahorses, pipefishes, and chain catsharks whose vivid fluorescence was only recently discovered.

Lead funding for Unseen Oceans and its educational resources is provided by OceanX, an initiative of the Dalio Foundation.

The American Museum of Natural History gratefully acknowledges the Richard and Karen LeFrak Exhibition and Education Fund. Unseen Oceans is generously supported by Chase Private Client

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