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'OMOTENASHI Journey' Move on to New York's Got Talent Semi-Finals

New York's Got Talent competition was held at The Elektra Theatre last Wednesday February 24th and March 2nd, and A brand new musical-in-progress, "OMOTENASHI Journey" won and is moving on the Semi-Finales.

In "OMOTENASHI Journey," the Japanese call their hospitality "OMOTENASHI," meaning warmth, understanding, respect, gratitude and kindness. With aims of Magical Realism, this performance gave audiences a firsthand experience to the true Magic of Japanese hospitality.

Writer & Musical Director Noriko Sunamoto (Japan's The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Off-Broadway's The Jackie Mason Musical) was supported by Director/Lyricist/Choreographer Mary Lauren (Off-Broadway's The Jackie Mason Musical), Co-Choreographer Popra Nakayama (Off-Broadway's Beauty and the Beast) and General Manager Leslie Nicole Ivery (2015 Fringe NYC's Single Room Occupancy).

The host and producer, Cooper Jordan introduced OMOTENASHI Journey and said that they want to give the hospitality of the Japanese culture to the world. Their dream is to perform at the Epcot center in the Japanese Pavilion.

Dario Mohr (American Fine Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Curator and founder of AnkhLave Mind Media) commented "I really enjoyed it. It was really well put together and I was really engaged really quickly. I could see a cohesiveness to the point of view. I liked learning a little bit of the culture. I liked it."

Brent Buell, Producer/Director (Deathbed, Ripple Effect Artists, Rhymes Over Beats - Company dedicated on Moving Hip Hop&Rap to Broadway) commented "I vowed I would never go to Florida, but if you are at Epcot I will be there. I think it's brilliant, I think it's beautifully put together and I really like the mingling of cultures. When your Japanese princess (Tomo Watanabe) came out and started to rap, that was just hot. You all looked like you were having such a great time and that is hallmark of a great company. Charming and wonderful--big winners! One of the most exciting and charming performances I've seen in years."

Beth Newbery, Producer/Director (InfusionArts Inc. Founder/Executive Director) commented "I really loved it and I loved the culture concepts and the mixture. I loved the rap, I thought that was wicked. I thought that was so cool and I would definitely want to see the whole thing. Well done."

Noriko Sunamoto and Mary Lauren have been collaborating to create a show that combines Japanese culture and American culture. Noriko Sunamoto's musical arrangement range is very wide and her melodies are very catchy. It was only the first few seconds for audience to be impressed by her music and enjoy her show. Mary Lauren has been enjoying learning about the Japanese culture. Her talents have appeared on many Off-Broadway stages including; St. Luke's Theatre, Davenport Theatre, The Workshop Theatre and Carnegie Hall. She is also performing in the piece, and is a vital part of making Noriko's "Disney" dream come true. Coming from a Disney family, she is very familiar with the style. Popra Nakayama did a terrific job choreographing the Japanese scene with acting/storytelling through acrobatics skills.
The production featured Elyse Beyer (Off-Broadway's Judy and Me), Stacie Cannon, Atsushi Eda (Tokyo Disney), Seika Ito, Chihiro Kobayashi, Mary Lauren, Mio Nakanishi (Universal Studio Japan), Popra Nakayama, Mai Nishioka (Tokyo Disney), Tomo Watanabe (Off-Broadway's Alice in Wonderland), and Anthony Wright as well as MacConnell Evans on a Japanese Taiko, Ken Hutchinson on Japanese Shamisen.

Sunamoto's "OMOTENASHI Journey" has performed for the annual Japan Day at Central Park festival, as an opening act of the Off-Broadway Musical Comedy 702 Punchlines and Pregnant: The Jackie Mason Musical at St. Luke's Theatre, and Kajiki's Artist Show at Carnegie Hall.

Six different acts compete in Times Square each week for your vote to win New York's Got Talent. Four more performers will move on to the Semi-Finals. OMOTENASHI Journey will perform at the Semi-Finals on March 16th at The Elektra Theater.

NEW YORK's GOT TALENT is New York's best live talent show showcases the best, yet to be fully discovered, talent who hail from/reside in New York City and NYC's greater area. All talent is pre-screened and contains acts including: singers, dancers, magicians, jugglers, pet training tricks, burlesque, bands, guitarists, drummers, comedians, weird acts of all kinds, ventriloquists, drag-queens, lip syncers, sideshow, cirque, tappers, tumblers, gymnasts, balance acts, impersonators, acapella groups, and any other alternative performance art.

The Elektra Theater is located at 300 W 43rd Street. 6 more groups will perform on Wednesday, March 9th at 7:30pm. For more information and to reserve your ticket, go to
Here is Youtube link from our previous performance.

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