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Krystal Joy Brown, Rory O'Malley & More From HAMILTON Host Letter Writing Party to Assist Georgia Voters in Runoff Elections

This December 1 event aims to raise awareness around the complexities of voter ID laws in Georgia.

Krystal Joy Brown, Rory O'Malley & More From HAMILTON Host Letter Writing Party to Assist Georgia Voters in Runoff Elections

VoteRiders is reuniting with its Hamilton ambassadors to host a special virtual letter-writing party and fundraiser on Giving Tuesday at 7 pm ET, featuring festive holiday entertainment and inspiring conversation with hundreds of volunteers -- all to promote voter education, engagement and assistance ahead of the Georgia runoff elections for both U.S. Senate seats on January 5.

This December 1 event aims to raise awareness around the complexities of voter ID laws in Georgia, specifically targeting voters most at risk of lacking critical information and documentation to cast a ballot that counts. The three previous letter-writing parties co-hosted by VoteRiders, their Hamilton ambassadors and Broadway friends in August, September and October saw the completion of 62,230 personal letters containing critical voter ID information and offers of support that were sent directly to vulnerable voters in key states like Georgia. Georgia came down to a mere 12,670 votes in the November 3 General Election for President.

Tuesday's event will feature lively entertainment, conversation, and voter ID education from some of Broadway's biggest stars, with Georgia natives Jennifer Geller emceeing and Garrett Kerr managing the program, supported by Hamilton family including Darnell Abraham, Krystal Joy Brown, Nick Christopher, Jared Dixon, Jordana Grolnick, Ryan Kasprzak, Krystal Mackie, Rory O'Malley, Sabrina Sloane, and more. Also featured will be several Georgia high school performers who are first-time Georgia voters and participants in the Hamilton Education Program at The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

Georgia has one of the most restrictive voter ID laws in the country. At least 820,000 voting-age citizens in Georgia do not have current government-issued photo ID, which may prevent them from casting a ballot that counts in this crucial January 5 election that will determine the balance of the Senate. Voter ID regulations are much more likely to disenfranchise people of color, students and other young voters, older voters who have let their license expire, veterans, women, low income voters and individuals with disabilities. For example, 1 in 4 voting-age Black adults do not have current, government-issued photo ID. Likewise, 1 in 5 young voters do not have current, government-issued photo ID -- with more than 23,000 young Georgians turning 18 and becoming eligible to vote between the November general election and this Georgia Runoff. With the voter registration deadline rapidly approaching on December 7 and early voting commencing just a week later, this massive showing of support for Georgia voters could not be more timely.

VoteRiders is the nation's leading nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization removing barriers to voting by clarifying state-by-state voter ID requirements, giving voters who do have the ID they need the confidence that they have everything they need to effectively cast their ballot, and directly assisting eligible voters nationwide who do not yet have the voter ID they need in their state. VoteRiders has been on the ground in Georgia for the past year, laying the foundation to ensure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to make their voice heard. The organization offers free, nonpartisan voter services including a Voter Helpline to answer questions, arranging rides to the DMV/DDS, helping order and pay for documents like birth certificates, and pro bono legal assistance.

In conveying the urgency of the situation in Georgia, VoteRiders COO Shannon Anderson said, "We have nearly a million at-risk voters in Georgia who still do not have current, government-issued photo ID -- while Georgia has some of the strictest voter ID regulations in the country. Moreover, there are at least as many voters who do have the ID they need to vote, but are so overwhelmed and confused by these complicated and constantly changing voter ID laws that they are going to give up before they get to the ballot box unless we reach out to help clarify the actual, current requirements in their state for them. We are so grateful for our Hamilton family and their unparalleled commitment to VoteRiders' mission -- resolving this confusion and assisting every voter in need, especially in the face of threats of intimidation at the polls. This remains a massive crisis in our democracy. Especially with the future of the Senate hanging in the balance and such incredibly narrow margins in Georgia, never has it been more clear why every last vote must be counted -- and why every single letter and every single dollar matters. We are thrilled to be able to join such passionate ambassadors, volunteers and donors in kicking off the critical month of December with a fun and festive show of support for our Georgia friends."

To that end, together with over 5,100 volunteers and 700 partner organizations around the country, VoteRiders provides reliable, current voter ID information and the logistical, financial and legal support voters need to make their voices heard in every election.

In the leadup to the Georgia election, VoteRiders is urging everyone in Georgia who will be eligible to vote by January 5 to not only check their voter registration, but also ensure that they know what documents, identification, and information they need to make their vote count. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit

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