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Celebrating Black History Month
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Get Healthy This Month with The Ultimate BIPOC FitPro Database!

The resource highlights BIPOC FitPros whose jobs have been directly affected by the pandemic and the closing of Broadway. 

Looking to live a healthier life this February and beyond? Look no further than The Ultimate BIPOC FitPro Database- a new resource highlighting the many talented, hardworking, and knowledgeable BIPOC FitPros whose jobs have been directly affected by the pandemic and the closing of Broadway.

Creators Ryan Morales and Michelle West share more about the project:

"The idea to put this together came from a series of interviews and conversations among BIPOC actors and fitness professionals, where stories kept being told over and over about how white mediocrity regularly gets put above black and brown excellence in fitness spaces. Not only are people of color expected to code-switch to fit established norms in fitness studios and gyms, but skill as a fitness professional is rarely assumed, and instead almost always has to be earned by people of color, especially women of color, in the fitness industry. We wanted to create a guide to start to change one important aspect of the industry: who you follow on social media because who you follow affects who you end up getting guidance from, who you end up hiring, whose classes you attend, and who is ultimately able to get ahead in their career.

We chose the excellent roster of folks for the database in a grassroots way, by reaching out to our fellow theatre artists. We wanted to find the people that work in both theatre and fitness that inspire and make a difference in our community, and to be able to elevate them through the database. We also wanted to ensure that we found folks from all parts of health and wellness - not just gym-centric fitness, but fitness classes of all types, yoga, meditation, and even nutrition and healthy mindset coaches. We're really pleased with the variety and content of the database, and we hope to be able to have the resources in the future to continue to update and expand it!"

You can check out the full database below!

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