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David Thaxton Remarks On Playing Multiple Roles In LES MISERABLES UK

David Thaxton Remarks On Playing Multiple Roles In LES MISERABLES UKLES MISERABLES UK star David Thaxton discusses playing a multitude of various roles in the long-running West End production of the international mega-hit as part of a new interview.

Addressing the fact he has now nabbed one of the most memorable roles in the show, Javert, after having played a vast assortment of other parts in the show, Thaxton shares, "Jean Valjean and Javert are two roles that I'd always have loved to play, and that I've always thought about. But I think it's certainly come sooner than I'd thought it might have come."

Additionally, Thaxton admits that he has found it to be quite bizarre playing multiple roles in the same production, as well.

"[I]t's very disconcerting, really really odd! I realized the other day that at the end of this contract, at the end of this year, I will have been a professional actor for ten years and I'll have been in Les Mis for five of them, doing lots and lots of different things. It's very strange. At the minute I'm having to focus myself on going 'no you're playing Javert now, you're playing that role!" Thaxton relates.

As for whether Thaxton intends on staying with the show for a few years more, he reveals, "It's impossible to say. There's only the two roles in it for me now and I'm going to play one. But there is always Jean Valjean - that's everyone's dream to play Jean Valjean. One day!"

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