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BroadwayGirlNYC: The 2011 Tonys Drinking Game

BroadwayGirlNYC: The 2011 Tonys Drinking Game

Last year, the 2010 Tonys Drinking Game was a big success.  This year, you guys contributed even more suggestions - each of which is funnier and more clever than the last!

So finish up the preparations of your Tony Night Menu, and grab a bottle. 

It's time for...


Take a sip for every Neil Patrick Harris costume change
Any time Neil Patrick Harris says 'bro,' drink! (Via @maggielevine)
Drink when Neil Patrick Harris mentions his partner or twins. (via @tblondiefairy)


Take a drink when a winner breaks down and cries during his/her speech.
Take a drink when a Tony is accepted by anyone still in costume from his or her previous performance.
Drink if a winner thanks their high school dance/music/drama teacher (via @misslizrichards)
Raise a toast (and drink) to any winner who thanks a same-sex partner in his/her acceptance speech!
Drink whenever someone continues to talk, even after the orchestra begins. (via @ValNova)
Take a sip any time someone thanks The American Theatre Wing. (via @1AbbyRoad)
Take a sip when Book of Mormon wins any award! (via @jmallo)

Drink when Jim Parsons presents! (via @maggielevine)
Drink every time an award presenter comes on who has never been on Broadway before. (via @david2587)
Any time someone encourages people to support the arts & arts education, drink! (via @JMICHELLEmusic)

Pour a little out for the homies, whenever a performance is given by a show that's already closed.
Drink if Hugh Jackman makes a surprise singing/ dancing appearance.

Take a sip whenever a Glee cast member is shown.
Drink any time a Broadway actor campaigns for a role on Glee.
Any time the new show SMASH, Steven Spielberg's upcoming musical TV show, is mentioned -- drink!

Whenever a Spider-Man joke is made, drink. (via @ryanbloomquist)
Drink anytime someone makes a self-depricating reference to NOT getting a nomination this year (drink twice if it's Kathy Griffin!).
Drink whenever anyone gets hit by a set piece, a la Bret Michaels. (via @treykblackburn)
Drink anytime someone mentions that Rent is coming back to New York.  Drink twice if a song from Rent is performed!
Take a sip anytime someone stumbles over the title of 'The Motherfucker with the Hat'. (via @AppleCoreTheate)

Drink when I (@BroadwayGirlNYC) accidentally tweet a crazy typo (since I'll be live-tweeting the Tonys AND taking part in this drinking game!).
Drink twice if any presenter, winner, or performer mentions Twitter.  Finish the bottle if anyone mentions @BroadwayGirlNYC or the 2011 Tonys Drinking Game!

(Drinking game for entertainment purposes only. BroadwayWorld and BroadwayGirlNYC in no way endorse #tonysdrinkinggame alcohol poisoning.)

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