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BWW Prompts: Which Musical Should Get A Prequel?

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Learn which musicals BWW readers think deserve their own prequel!

We want to hear from you! Submit your response to our daily #BWWPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"The Phantom of the Opera, duh! And the title: The Angel of Music. It's about how the phantom came to be. Go!" @RyanHMackey

"Mamma Mia! I know the Here We Go Again movie is a prequel (kind of), but I want to see how Sophie grew up! Her relationship with Donna is so sweet, and I want more of it tbh." @Ginny_Weatherby

"A Chorus Line! But its either about Cassie and Zach's relationship, or about Cassie's downfall and her move to LA." @its_abby_yes

"Wicked should get a prequel with Glinda's story. And Kristin Chenoweth shall play Glinda. I swear I've already written this as fanfic." @chenowethfan1

"Beetlejuice! It would be great to find out the backstory of Emily and the Maitlands in their own story!" @aball2755


"Rent. I'd love to see the full story on how Mark and Roger met, and the events that lead to Benny moving out of the apartment." @real_ally_cat

:Anastasia! Imagine a musical about the Romanovs leading up to their fate. Sounds amazing." @lisgow_

"Mean Girls!!! We could see the whole middle school experience of the characters.... like Janis and Regina's history!!" @mags_weck

"I would love to see a prequel to Waitress. To learn note about the characters backstories and how they get to the place they are when we see them in Waitress." @newjennarising

"THE PROM! i want to see how emma and alyssa got together and what it was like for them to realize that they were gay." @carlylam_


"Bandstand. We could see Julia and Michael before he dies in war and before she starts the band with Donny." Sara Powell

"I'd love to see a prequel to "Sweeney Todd", that focuses on Mrs. Lovett. We can find out what happened to Mr. Lovett, how she lusted after going Sweeney from afar and the fleshed our version of what goes on in "Poor Thing" with Lucy and Judge Turpin." Trevor James Allen

"Dreamgirls. Watching Effie become a star and have Deena tries to get into the movies and maybe how Curtis tries to build another group up." Greg Gallerano

"Hadestown! Give me more Hermès, Hades, and Persephone please!" Anna Taitano

"Hamilton, either diving into Hamilton's life before he came to the American colonies or doing one about a young George Washington." Laura Travis

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