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BWW Prompts: If [Blank] Was A Tony Award Category, I Would Win!

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Today, readers generated their own winning Tony Awards categories!

BWW Prompts: If [Blank] Was A Tony Award Category, I Would Win!

We want to hear from you! Submit your response to our daily #BWWPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"Being an awesome supportive theatre mom to all my theatre babies." @wdrwomn13

"Bad But Enthusiastic In-Car Sing-Alongs" @janet_patterson

"Worst Dance Performance in the Ensemble" @aball2755

"Ugly crying during overtures!" @pegc4

"Belting when no one is home and scaring the dogs" @annalikesdogs


"Crying Over a Plot You Already Know How It Ends" @gahodges4

"Getting my friends to love musicals against their will" @ismey17

"Not being chosen for the BroadwayWorld prompts"

"Napping" @colby_daniel228

"Ignoring all my problems" @rosemerri_kin


"Never knowing the lyrics but singing anyway..." Eileen DiGiacomo

"Selective memory" Grace DiModugno

"Embarrassing My Kids" Susan Bruce

"Not cleaning the house" Shannon Lunsford Rivoire

"Chronic Procrastination . . . . . . . . . Will work on my acceptance speech tonight. . . . well, maybe tomorrow." Thomas Rees

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