BWW Interview: Evanna Lynch on the 20th Anniversary Revival of DISCO PIGS and the Complexity of Growing Up

BWW Interview: Evanna Lynch on the 20th Anniversary Revival of DISCO PIGS and the Complexity of Growing Up

Irish actress of the screen and stage, Evanna Lynch, knows a thing or two about the complexities of growing up. From her role in the Harry Potter films as Luna Lovegood to her time on stage in Disco Pigs at Irish Rep as Runt, Lynch has felt the deepest emotions of these characters as they navigate adolescence. Coming from across the pond, this special 20th anniversary revival has made Chelsea's Irish Repertory its home and gives US audiences the opportunity to celebrate the milestone - through March 4th only!

BroadwayWorld had the unique opportunity to chat with Lynch during the run's final weeks about the special anniversary of Disco Pigs; the complexities of growing up; and her thoughts on the future.

What does it mean to you to be part of this special 20th anniversary revival of Enda Walsh's Disco Pigs?

It's been so cool to have a chance to do some of the research and truly understand what the production has done for the original actors. It's been a real honor to step into the shoes of Runt and experience this production in a way that is totally re-imagined. We've had a lot of young people come and make connections to these timeless themes that deal with navigating adolescence that all generations go through - it will always remain relevant!

Runt and Pig's relationship is so unique - it's almost as if they share one heartbeat! Describe their dynamic and the challenges that comes along with being so close.

Being born on the same day, in the same hospital, moments apart, they've had this best friend relationship day in and day out for 17 years and are completely inseparable. It makes me think about when I was young and wanting a close friend around at all times. We all want someone to lean on and talk to, but in this case, it doesn't end well for Runt and Pig. They have absolutely no sense of the outside world and have only leaned on each other - which make the already difficult process of growing up, almost impossible.

Pig begins to instigate the conflict a bit when he develops romantic feelings for Runt. She wants their [platonic] relationship to stay exactly the same - like Bonnie and Clyde - and then he changes it. Ultimately, Pig's feelings force her to begin to see her own identity - independent of him. Their relationship has been very safe, but is limiting, and Runt realizes that she can no longer be held back.

What advice would your teenage self give Runt?

I would try to be her friend. I think she could greatly benefit from having girlfriends and being exposed to positive female energy. She needs to realize her worth and place in the outside world. That kindness and support that you receive from your girlfriends makes all of the difference , in terms of building your network and receiving the strength that comes from it.

Can you talk about the key messages that you hope audiences will take away?

I hope audiences will feel compassion for their own best friends and begin to celebrate what makes each one of us different. I also hope it alleviates some of the pain that comes from having friendships end. With the natural flow of life, it's inevitable, and something that we all experience. We can be close for a time period with certain friends, but paths and people change - it is not only normal, but necessary for growing into the human beings that we are meant to become.

Looking to the future, are there any dream projects that come to mind?

I would love the chance to work more on television and have the opportunity to grow with a character over several seasons. I really am drawn to projects that are more off beat and help you learn about who you are at the core and are aligned with your life's purpose.

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