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BWW Blog: Joscelyne Tamburri - The Start of Something New

BWW Blog: Joscelyne Tamburri - The Start of Something New

With my first year of college classes over, (it's so weird saying that!) we are officially into rehearsals for "Disney's Beauty and The Beast." These first few rehearsals have been so amazing and eye-opening; it's my first time working in this type of atmosphere and having absolute focus just on the show is so refreshing.

With high school or community theater, I am usually trying to juggle so many things at once (school, homework, vocal work, etc.) that I have to split my focus and prioritize what gets the most attention and when. No school work to deal with; 100% of my energy and brain is devoted to this show. It makes it so much nicer learning choreography when you're not also cramming for your calculus test the next day. It's only day 3 and we've learned all the ensemble vocals and finished a huge dance number! This is so crazy. Our directors are so amazingly talented it's not hard to catch on to harmonies or dance steps when it's being presented from people like them. We also have an amazing cast full of hard-working, dedicated students. Shout out to my girl V-Ron who is Yellow (my) cast's Mrs. Potts, who says hi to those reading this blog! Everyone, both in and out of our school, has been so supportive of this blog, it makes me so happy knowing people are not just reading but enjoying this as much as I am enjoying writing it! Feel free anytime to suggest a topic you want to hear about and I will try to include it!

This rehearsal process is also an awesome glimpse into what my summer is going to look like! Thanks to what CCPA has taught me (Big thank you to connections class and the section on How To Get The Callback; I did get that callback! Boo ya!), I managed to get into a summer theater company in Vancouver and will be a part of the ensemble of "Mary Poppins". I am so excited to be a part of Theater Under the Stars, a company I have watched every summer since I was a little kid. I don't think I could have gotten past all the rounds of auditions/ callbacks without the knowledge and confidence CCPA has given me. This atmosphere has trained me for the professional world so when I approach it, I'm not scared; I am prepared with all the knowledge I need.

While I am along the line of thanking people like my amazing cast and incredible instructors / directors, I'd also like to extend a huge thank you to the staff at the college who deserve more praise for all their amazing behind-the-scenes work than they get.

Steven Seltzer, the Communications Manager who alerted me to this blogging opportunity and allowed me to have this space where I can be my eccentric and chatty self while oozing on about my amazing school. Every week I'm checking in with him, and he is just so supportive and kind towards my weekly rambles.

Overall the team behind the scenes is full of people you can chat to whenever and you'll always leave feeling better than you did when you first stepped into their office. So thank you to this all-round amazing administration for everything they do to support us our school!

Ok! That's all for this week! You should know the drill by now... stay classy and sassy! <3

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