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BWW Blog: A Letter to the Incoming Freshman

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Dear incoming freshman,

Congratulations on committing to your college! I'm sorry that this isn't the way you expected to start your college career. I'm happy for you, regardless.

BWW Blog: A Letter to the Incoming Freshman
Freshman year versus now

I'm really proud of you for making such a huge decision under less-than-ideal circumstances. I know several of you never got to tour the university you'll be attending, and I can't even imagine what it must feel like to pick your school without ever stepping foot on campus. The great thing is that once this pandemic subsides and we can all return to school, there will be so much time left for you to explore the campus that will soon be your home. I can't wait for you to have the chance to experience college life and everything that makes your first year of college what it is. I'm sorry that you may not be able to have this right away in fall, but I want you to know that it's coming, even if you have to wait a bit.

Your first semester of college might be online. While nothing is confirmed, I think it's important to keep in mind that this is absolutely a possibility. While this may be a bummer for many of you, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Traditionally, the first semester of college is really hard. You move away from home, probably live with a stranger, adjust to classes and learn to manage your time; amidst all of this, emotions are usually high. I look back on my fall term as a freshman and I will absolutely own up to the fact that I struggled. A lot.

BWW Blog: A Letter to the Incoming Freshman
Move-in day for my freshman dorm, circa 2017. Somebody was excited.

However, if fall semester ends up online, I want you to consider the benefit of these online courses. Let this be a steppingstone between high school and college, because instead of focusing on all of those aforementioned things, you now only have one change: you're enrolled in college courses. I think most of my stress came from trying to adjust to change in every aspect of my life all at once, and now, you might have the opportunity to make this transition one step at a time. Despite what your high school teachers say about how scary college professors are, you're pretty well-prepared to handle your academics. Get familiar with Zoom, buy a planner, and know that you'll be able to get a feel of college courses from the comfort of your home. I literally sleep with my laptop on my nightstand and wake up 5 minutes before my class to run a brush through my hair and log onto Zoom. I promise it has its perks.

Also - and I cannot stress this enough - take GE classes and delay starting your major courses if at all possible. Speaking from experience, Zoom theater classes pale in comparison to in-person instruction. There's just a palpable energy in the room that brings so much life to the classroom/studio, and I think that you deserve to experience your first theater class in this setting. I'm currently taking three drama courses trapped behind a computer screen, and let me tell you, I would do anything to be back in those classrooms again. If it won't push back your graduation, please wait this one out.

Above all else, be kind to yourself. Professors are being very understanding during this all of this, classmates are so supportive, and no one is faulting anyone for having a tough time. Take care of yourself and know that you're in good hands with whatever school you'll be attending, we're going to work this out together. Congratulations on everything you've accomplished despite this pandemic, I can't wait to see you on campus soon.

Love always, your big, bad, soon-to-be-senior,


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