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BWW Blog: 5 of My Favorite Jaw-Dropping Musical Numbers

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Some scenes have the power to completely stun the audience and steal the show.

Live theatre is always magical, but sometimes there is a show or a specific moment within a production that literally makes you gasp, or sit there with your jaw on the floor. Whether it's innovative lighting or set design, a fantastic vocal performance, of the message of a song itself, some scenes have the power to completely stun the audience and steal the show. Here are a few notable moments from musicals I have seen that left me completely speechless and/or in tears.

BWW Blog: 5 of My Favorite Jaw-Dropping Musical NumbersA Whole New World - Aladdin

I have seen Aladdin 5 times, and it is truly one of my most favorite shows. The costumes are dazzling, all of the new songs added to the production are excellent, and the whole experience is just so insanely magical. But the moment the magic carpet starts to fly during A Whole New World is unlike any other. Hearing the audience gasp and feeling the tangible shift of energy around you is a really unique sensation, and this scene really evokes that authentic sense of childlike wonder that we all have inside. Also, the dialogue after the magic carpet lands (but before Aladdin gets taken away by Jafar) is so romantic and beautiful.

BWW Blog: 5 of My Favorite Jaw-Dropping Musical NumbersUninvited - Jagged Little Pill

From the first harmonica note in the Overture to the very last chord of You Learn, Jagged Little Pill is a show that truly captivates the audience. The production is fast-paced and thrilling so there is not a dull moment, and it is the one cast recording that I never skip through because every song is just so good. But, Uninvited is a number that undoubtedly deserves immense amounts of praise. Elizabeth Stanley delivers a phenomenal performance that is full of raw emotion and pure vocal talent. The choreography that Heather Lang does during this song is unreal, and the lingering presence of Kathryn Gallagher's character Bella in the background is haunting.

BWW Blog: 5 of My Favorite Jaw-Dropping Musical NumbersShe Used to Be Mine - Waitress

I was lucky enough to see Sara Bareilles as Jenna, and witnessing her performance of She Used to be Mine is one of my most cherished theatre memories. I am in awe of anyone who can sing this song because it is an absolute beast, but it is such an emotional moment in the show that literally left me flabbergasted. It was so quiet in the audience that you probably could have heard a pin drop, because Sara truly had everyone in the palm of her hand during this beautiful number.

BWW Blog: 5 of My Favorite Jaw-Dropping Musical NumbersThe Room Where it Happens - Hamilton

Hamilton is another show that pulls you in right from the first notes of Alexander Hamilton, and keeps you engaged until the final moment. However, the Room Where it Happens is, in my opinion, the standout number of the show. Aaron Burr is such a fascinating character and has some notable moments throughout, but this one is definitely jaw-dropping. The choreography is mindblowing and the song itself is so well composed and executed. When the Hamilfilm was first released, this was the scene I rewatched about 35 times, because there is so much to take in and appreciate about this brilliant number.

BWW Blog: 5 of My Favorite Jaw-Dropping Musical NumbersWait for Me - Hadestown

Hadestown in its entirety is honestly breathtaking. Everything about the show is stunning and genius, from the staging to the vocals to the story itself. Andre De Shields is perfect in this particular song, and Reeve Carney's performance is simply excellent. The swinging lights, the Fates, and the show's small ensemble make this number even more stirring, and the lyrics are gorgeous. Thankfully, there is a professional recording of Wait For Me since it was performed at the Tony Awards, so you can watch it and cry along with me.

Some honorable mentions include Revolting Children from Matilda, which is just such a fun number (performed by KIDS nonetheless), Defying Gravity, a classic with no explanation needed, and the Neverland reprise in Finding Neverland, which is a beautiful song that made me cry so hard I almost passed out. Elsa's dress change in Let it Go, Corbin Bleu tapping on the ceiling in Kiss Me Kate's Bianca, and Aaron Tveit's vocals in El Tango De Roxanne also deserve some recognition.

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