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And the Tweets Go On: Our Favorite Tweets From The Pop Goddess, Cher!

In honor of The Cher Show's opening tonight, a show that traces the life and music of Cher herself, I thought I would look back at the best of her twitter legacy! I've picked some of my favorite Cher tweets that prove why she's not only a pop queen, but a twitter queen too!

To begin, Cher cares about her fans and followers:

And wants to make sure they care about themselves:

She's sometimes very self aware...

...And sometimes not:

But no matter what, she's always got a good sense of humor about herself:

She likes teasing her friends:

She knows her followers need updates about her constantly:

She's got a sweet spot for cats:

And has a pair of her own, Mala & Zen:

She's not always the most tech savvy!

And this video...well it speaks for itself!

But it wouldn't be a proper listing without spotlighting some of her best Twitter burns:

And of course, she's not afraid of making fun of a certain politician:

So no matter what your opinion of Cher might be, there's no denying she's left her mark on the music industry, pop culture and...the internet!

The Cher Show is a new bio musical featuring a book by Rick Elice and direction by Jason Moore. It stars Stephanie J. Block, Teal Wicks, and Micaela Diamond in the role of the iconic singer and actress at various times in her life and career. They are joined by Jarrod Spector as Sonny Bono, Michael Berresse as Bob Mackie, Michael Campayno as Rob Camilletti, Matthew Hydzik as Gregg Allman, Emily Skinner as Georgia Holt, and Dee Roscioli as the Standby for Star and Lady.

The full company also features Marija Juliette Abney, Carleigh Bettiol, Taurean Everett, Michael Fatica, Ashley Blair Fitzgerald, Michael Graceffa, Blaine Alden Krauss, Sam Lips, Tiana Okoye, Amy Quanbeck, Angel Reda, Jennifer Rias, Michael Tacconi, Tory Trowbridge, Christopher Vo, Aléna Watters, Charlie Williams, and Ryan Worsing.

Superstars come and go. Cher is forever.

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