Album Review: From Page To Stage In 6 Inch Heels DRAG: THE MUSICAL (STUDIO RECORDING) Offers Up Real Treats From Some Drag Tricks

Two Rivals With Two Clubs Try To Beat Each Other…

By: Sep. 18, 2022
Album Review: From Page To Stage In 6 Inch Heels DRAG: THE MUSICAL (STUDIO RECORDING) Offers Up Real Treats From Some Drag Tricks

Album Review: From Page To Stage In 6 Inch Heels DRAG: THE MUSICAL (STUDIO RECORDING) Offers Up Real Treats From Some Drag Tricks Heigh Ho, my lovely rainbow readers, Bobby Patrick, your rainbow reviewer, is back in CD-Land to offer another broken-down breakdown of a new music release. So, strap in and get ready, as Bobby goes on the record ABOUT the record.

Released in May, DRAG: THE MUSICAL (STUDIO RECORDING), is the spawn of songwriters Tomas Costanza, Ashley Gordon, and RuPaul's Drag Race star Alaska Thunderf*ck and is a concept album released by PEG Records, Killingsworth Recording Company, Craft Recordings, and Concord Theatricals. The cast of this spec-musical offers up some of the absolute BEST singers from the drag world along with Broadway and music industry pros all diving into their heels to offer up what could be the next ROCKY HORROR SHOW. Featuring Thunderf*ck, Bob the Drag Queen, Divina de Campo, Ginger Minj, Jujubee, Lagoona Bloo, Monét X Change, Margaret Cho, Fortune Feimster, Michelle Visage (yes THE Michelle Visage), and Broadway veterans, Peppermint, the scrumptious Max von Essen, and the deeeelicious Nick Adams. Throw in the obligatory 12-year-old drag baby, sweet-voiced Jack Rodman, and you have a gay-positive, drag-positive gender-bending song fest that delights from first track to last, and the other good news is, there are plans to adapt the album into a live stage production under the direction of that gorgeous Spencer Liff.

So, DRAG: THE MUSICAL tells the story of two rival drag clubs, whose headliners - Kitty Galloway (Alaska) & Alexis Gillmore (Adams) - have a past and must go head-to-head for survival amidst financial troubles to save The Fish Tank and The Cathouse. Now, one of Bobby's criteria for any cast album has always been - knowing nothing about the show, can one get a sense of its story from the album's musical journey. On this front Little Bobby is happy to report a resounding YEEEEESSSSSSS (two octaves up). The opening song, WELCOME TO THE FISHTANK, begins with the sounds and dramatic tension of a performance about to happen. Michelle V as Dixie Coxworth is the boss lady/owner of this drag club, where she joins her cast of queens in this rousing chorus, and we are off to the races. Speaking of races MV is clearly more than just DRAG RACE - she is a performer and singer who has not let her pop singing chops fade while sitting behind her judge's desk for RuPaul. In fact, she really turns it out vocally on track 16 - I DON'T LIKE YOU BUT I LIKE YOU - a duet with lovely, angel-voiced Von Essen (beDRAGgled accountant Tom) demonstrating that she truly still has the pipes. Her brighter, wider tones against the uber-training and smoothness of Max's voice are a surprisingly nice mix. This song's got great danceable beats while still being a Lovey dovey duet. Tom the accountant & Dixie are destined to couple up during the heated beats, and then the soft ballad section of this one is a real surprise - especially from Michelle. Clearly, Bobby needs to investigate more of this lady's oeuvre.

The album takes you through the current storm that is encircling The Fish Tank and The Cathouse, with various character performers popping in and out with delightful comedy numbers, like Jamie Torcellini's GAY AS HELL from his barfly character Drunk Jerry, and solid plot points are delivered with musical comedy aplomb (what? Bobby knows words!?) when the fab Margaret Cho and hilarious Fortune Feimster share the same tune on two separate tracks. GLORIA SCHMIDT (Feimster), an IRS agent, shows up to ruin everybody's day with the news that the IRS is coming to town to audit The Cathouse books, showing that, amongst all her talents, Fortune can sing as well, of course. Then it's Cho's turn as wealthy real estate developer, MIRIAM MINTZ - essentially singing a reprise of the GLORIA SCHMIDT melody - to tell the queens the rent for their beloved Fish Tank is going up. So it's Taxes and rent that are all set to shut them all down. Cho is a total blast here, as well.

Broadway triple threat Adams might always have that face, but on this album what one gets is that voice, and lordy the boy can sing. SHE'S ALL THAT intros Adams as Alexis Gillmore - drag star of the Fish Tank - regaling the listeners with her life, hopes, and dreams in an uber-flamboyant song with fab lyrics and music that is bouncy, catchy, and danceable. Bobby gives this one an (((AUDITION CALLOUT))), as this one is perfect for those seeking a super gay character number that will show range and "fairy freedom" acting for anyone needing to add to their song binder. The song OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE is by Alaska TF's character, Kitty Galloway - the owner of the Fish Tank's competing drag club, The Cathouse, and scores a real hit with Alaska's bitchy diva anthem using her versatile acting within the song to really sell it. With SHE's SUCH A BITCH, these two get to tell their versions of the story of how they became rivals in a, super funny, rhythm-underscored spoken word performance reminiscent of the song TELL ME MORE from GREASE.

A word must be said now about... the child, Boy Belter Jack Rodman who stands out as a loveable FGA (Future Gay Of America) with 3 numbers fully centered around his Brendon. Chief among them is a song where Rodman sings his character's confusion over the way people see and judge his ... everything, when all he feels is, I'M JUST BRENDAN - a number so sweet and endearing in his need to be just himself. This one gets another (((AUDITION CALLOUT))) for the pre-teen Broadway hopefuls out there (and their stage parents), as it gives all the right vocal and acting nuances to get the kid a job.

Well, as all my little rainbow readers can tell, Bobby really liked this one for more than just its gayness. It comes across as a fun, funny musical theatre hopeful and we do hope its hopes are realized, as we would totally buy that ticket. For now dial up DRAG: THE MUSICAL (STUDIO RECORDING) on your streamings and keep your fingers crossed for its future, as Bobby gives this one his rousing...

4 Out Of 5 Rainbows.

Hear It On The Spotifies: HERE!

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