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Album Review: Natalie Douglas BACK TO THE GARDEN Starts Club44 Pairing Well
by Erin Samms - February 29, 2024

It may, well, claim a spot as one of the best albums of the year.

Album Review: America's Fave Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet High Kicks Back On Their New Album THE KINSEY SICKS: DRAG QUEEN STORYTIME GONE WILD
by Bobby Patrick - February 27, 2024

The songs range from fun to clever to hilarious and might well have stood up on their own without the inclusion of any script.

Album Review: Sepia Records Remembers Iconic DOROTHY LAMOUR & CO-STARS THE PARAMOUNT YEARS:1936-1952
by Bobby Patrick - February 29, 2024

Everything in this collection is captured and remastered beautifully, spanning two discs with 28 songs on each, and that’s a treasure trove, for sure.

Music Review: The Drinkwater Brothers Show Their WonderTwin Powers With New Single THIS TOWN
by Bobby Patrick - February 25, 2024

This cover revives Horan’s music in an honorable, respectful way and gives it a slightly different hue.

Album Review: Concord Theatricals Recordings Releases The Studio Cast Recording of 17 AGAIN
by Bobby Patrick - February 21, 2024

The album and its producers get major points because the show as a whole is very well represented throughout

Album Review: Sepia Records Remembers A Forgotten Star With BETTY HUTTON & CO-STARS THE PARAMOUNT YEARS: 1938-1952
by Bobby Patrick - February 16, 2024

The journey through these two discs, though, is not only enjoyable, it is an education.

Album Review: Melissa Errico, Stephen Sondheim, and The City Make For One Great Album
by Erin Samms - February 15, 2024

Melissa Errico singing Stephen Sondheim in the style of the big city? Twist my arm.

Music Review: Pleasantville Frontman Aaron David Gleason Debuts This New Band With 1st Single STEEL EYED
by Bobby Patrick - February 8, 2024

Little Bobby would not be surprised if Aaron David Gleason gets a little more lookie-loos above ground from his underground bunker and we hope the rest of the album is as strong

Album Review: MAURICIO MARTINEZ LIVE IN NYC Loaded With Lush Vocals
by Erin Samms - February 8, 2024

Doesn't everyone love a live recording? You'll love this one.

Jazz Singer-Songwriter Nicole Zuraitis Celebrates First GRAMMY® Win for How Love Begins (Outside In Music)
by Bobby Patrick - February 7, 2024

How Love Begins won Best Jazz Vocal Album at the 66th GRAMMY® Awards

Album Review: Broadway's HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Is Closing But Finds More Life With Its Cast Recording
by Bobby Patrick - February 7, 2024

Center Stage’s production of this album gives the listener a real sense of the show without the help of the musical’s book and this always gets high marks from this rainbow writer,

Album Review: Willy Wonka Wuns Wild On The New Movie Soundtrack WONKA
by Bobby Patrick - January 12, 2024

They have created a score in 2023 that marries to its 1971 progenitor wonderfully and made this rainbow boy tear up a bit and really want to go see WONKA

by Erin Samms - January 8, 2024


Album Review: Jessica Hendy Is Handy With Words (& Music) On The OCR Of Her One-Woman Musical WALKING WITH BUBBLES
by Bobby Patrick - January 4, 2024

We loved WALKING WITH BUBBLES the show and now we truly enjoy this OCR. It is one to return to again and again.

Album Review: Chilina Kennedy's WILD ABOUT YOU (World Premiere Recording) Debuts A New Show In Development
by Bobby Patrick - January 2, 2024

A little over halfway through, Bobby’s ears felt a bit overtaxed on the ballad/power ballad front and wished there were one or maybe even two more up-tempo songs

Album Review: Ted Nash and Kristen Lee Sergeant Give Reason To Celebrate The HOLIDAYS
by Stephen Mosher - December 20, 2023

A jazz album for the holidays that packs a serious artistic and emotional wallop.

Album Review: CHRISTMAS Is A Time To CHER!
by Bobby Patrick - December 8, 2023

Taking on the 1967 Stevie Wonder hit WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME, who else could our queen sing with but the R&B king himself

Music Review: Brandi Burkhardt MERRY & BRIGHT Just Right For Christmas
by Erin Samms - December 7, 2023

Singer-Songwriter Brandi Burkhardt makes a most engaging entry into the world of Christmas music.

by Erin Samms - December 8, 2023

Fans of the movie The Sound Of Music will find real treasures here - some that they've waited a long time for.

Music Review: Laura Osnes Single Not One Of MY FAVORITE THINGS
by Erin Samms - December 6, 2023

It isn't all the fault of Laura Osnes that the new recording misses, but it's her name out front.

Music Review: Bryan Eng Shares Some Holiday Happiness With His New Jingle Single SANTA'S FAVORITE PLACE TO GO
by Bobby Patrick - December 5, 2023

Finally, you may ask, “Bobby, is SANTA'S FAVORITE PLACE TO GO worth the download?” and our answer would be, “You bet.”

Album Review: The Horn Blows & The Heart Sighs on The New Album CHRIS BOTTI VOL. 1
by Bobby Patrick - December 3, 2023

Quite frankly, dear Bobby Fans, if you can’t make hay to this album then you’ve reached the last straw.

Music Review: Julie Benko Brings Home The Holidays With CHRISTMAS WITH YOU EP
by Erin Samms - December 1, 2023

Husband and wife music making team Julie Benko and Jason Yeager have produced a gorgeous holiday EP that checks off all the Christmas boxes.

Album Review: Barbra Streisand EVERGREENS: CELEBRATING SIX DECADES ON COLUMBIA RECORDS A Beautiful, If Off-Balanced, Collection Of Ballads
by Erin Samms - December 1, 2023

Barbra Streisand sings everything perfectly but there has to be a reason to buy a compilation album, and there doesn't seem to be one here, though streaming it is do-able.

Music Review: Ted Nash and Kristen Lee Sergeant Tease HOLIDAYS CD With Two Sweet Seasonal Singles
by Erin Samms - November 19, 2023

The countdown to the release of the Kristen Lee Sergeant/Ted Nash HOLIDAYS album has begun and we have two swell singles to show off the duo.

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