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Music Review: Sari Jordan Calls For An End To Hostilities Between… Us All, Really, With Her New Single, CEASEFIRE
by Bobby Patrick - September 18, 2023

CEASEFIRE is a beautiful if painful portrait of resolving conflict between people and the battle scars love can leave behind.

Album Review: Jeff Harnar Inspires Sighs Of Satisfaction With A COLLECTIVE CY
by Bobby Patrick - September 11, 2023

A COLLECTIVE CY is a gorgeous dream album of a recording that shows off Jeff Harnar's mad skills at cabaret storytelling and music making, both at the same time.

Album Review: Joplin & Virginia Woolf Live Inside Mary Bridget Davies On Her New Live Album FREEDOM OF MY MIND
by Bobby Patrick - September 1, 2023

The passion of her music and the soul of her work comes right out of the speakers to you (not AT you).

Album Review: Idina Menzel Has Always Been Dramatic But Now She's Making Us All Dance About It On DRAMA QUEEN
by Bobby Patrick - August 30, 2023

This kind of music really does give us that old disco feeling and with Idina Menzel’s DRAMA QUEEN, we can all grab it together.

Album Review:  If Linda Purl's THIS COULD BE THE START Is The Start, We Can't Wait To See The Finished Product
by Bobby Patrick - August 29, 2023

It is an exciting thing to see an artist grow, evolve, change, and the musical marriage between the two friends and colleagues that are Linda and Tedd has been a wonderful witness for the last few years.

Album Review: Out Of The Past Comes Rose Marie's 1st Ever CD Collection For Her 100th Birthday on ROSE MARIE SINGS
by Bobby Patrick - August 28, 2023

For those of us for whom she represents more than kitsch, this album is an essential.

Music Review: The Easiest Of Easy Listening Is Bob Levy's Music On BOB LEVY, EVER SINCE WE MET - THE DANE VANNATTER RECORDINGS
by Bobby Patrick - July 23, 2023

This album is something for your easy-listening moods.

Music Review: Naughty Rupert Holmes & Pool-Pah Album THE FLASHER Still Naughty In All The Right Ways
by Bobby Patrick - July 28, 2023

THE FLASHER is a time capsule of the psychedelic era of the funky electronic 70s

Music Review: Billy Porter Breaks A Sweat On The Dance Floor With His New Single BROKE A SWEAT
by Bobby Patrick - July 16, 2023

Billy hasn't even broken a sweat yet!

Album Review: Diva Grace Garland Burns Her Bra For All To Hear On New Album LADY G!'S BRALESS SECLUSION
by Bobby Patrick - July 11, 2023

In the aftermath of hearing LADY G!’S BRALESS SECLUSION, we had no choice but to drop that metaphysical needle back at the beginning and listen to it again, immediately.

Album Review: Nicole Zuraitis Releases New Album Of Her Latest Jazz with HOW LOVE BEGINS
by Bobby Patrick - July 7, 2023

For this album, Nicole Zuraitis has used deep imagery in the marriage of her words and music. Sometimes swirling, sometimes flowing, sometimes rushing like the rapids.

Music Review: Robbie Rozelle Sings Songs Of The City On New Single ANOTHER HUNDRED PEOPLE/WHAT MORE DO I NEED
by Bobby Patrick - July 6, 2023

“When I create these, I usually go to the MD and say ‘Here’s what I’m thinking’ and sing it ... In this case, Yasuhiko Fukuoka played it (skeptically), and then, after, he paused and said, “Oh, this is brilliant”.

Music Review: Benny Benack III Proves This THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM With His New Album
by Bobby Patrick - June 30, 2023

With Benny Benack at the head of the project, there is a reasonable expectation of good jazz, good music, good entertainment because he has been at this for a minute, and he really is one of the best.

Music Review: Grammy Nominee Nicole Zuraitis Releases Series Of Singles From Upcoming Album HOW LOVE BEGINS
by Bobby Patrick - June 30, 2023

Nicole Zuraitis' latest releases are a promise of good things to come.

Music Review: NEW YORK, NEW YORK Sounds Good, Sounds Good
by Bobby Patrick - June 29, 2023

NEW YORK, NEW YORK ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST RECORDING is a 2023 release on the Wine and Peaches Label, available on streaming platforms, with discs and vinyl to come!

Music Review: CAMELOT… CAMELOT Still Happily Ever Aftering On A New Broadway Cast Recording
by Bobby Patrick - June 29, 2023

We hope that all those who love the musical theatre will pick up this new rendition of CAMELOT with all new and wondrous vocal performances by the cast.

Music Review: Viral Social Media STARR Also Sings On Her New Self-Titled Album DARA STARR TUCKER
by Bobby Patrick - June 22, 2023

We loved this album, DARA STARR TUCKER, and find it as essential as the lady's informative, and entertaining, and knowledgeable, and hilarious Social Media content

Music Review: Jeremy Jordan Shows No MERCY With His New Hard Rock Album With AGE OF MADNESS
by Bobby Patrick - June 19, 2023

We really liked going rogue and banging our head, just a little, with the musicians of Age Of Madness. We feel sure that we will enjoy the live version too, next month at City Winery

Album Review: Matthew Scott Records His Show THE JESUS YEAR For All To Hear & For All Time
by Bobby Patrick - June 14, 2023

Our personal fave, CALICO SKIES an almost impossibly high number in Matthew’s impossibly high voice, and with power under complete control he demonstrates he’s a once-in-a-generation voice

Music Review: Alica Witt's Clever Mind Composes CLEVER MIND A Brand New Love(lorn) Song
by Bobby Patrick - June 6, 2023

Alicia Witt’s talents as a singer/songwriter have a depth of perception that only a true artistic soul could produce, and this new ballad is as clever as it is beautiful.

Music Review: Ricky Asch Covers Corinne Bailey Rae's LIKE A STAR In His Own Brand Of Star Dust
by Bobby Patrick - June 1, 2023

In all, though, Ricky Asch’s rendition of LIKE A STAR is a smooth, sultry dance take on Corinne BR’s original and well worth having in your streams and headphones

Music Review: KPOP Kast ReKording Komes Klose, But No Kick For KPOP
by Bobby Patrick - May 27, 2023

In the end, what you have in the cast album of KPOP is a fine KPOP album with lots of fun danceable music being sung by Broadway-caliber voices.

Album Review: Pizzarelli & Pals Partner To Play Their Punctillious Poetry & It's A Party On STAGE & SCREEN
by Bobby Patrick - May 20, 2023

As we listened to John Pizzarelli’s STAGE & SCREEN, our initial thought was, “There aren’t really words to describe how good this is.”

Music Review: Billy Recce Begs Us All To COME OUT On His New Single & He's Right… We Should
by Bobby Patrick - May 16, 2023

Billy Recce’s hilarious new single is not a gay battle cry ... but a satirical reproachment that ultimately says, “COME OUT OF WHOEVER YOU ARE!”

Album Review: A Concept Album For A New Show MY HEART SAYS GO Yields Good Things Musically
by Bobby Patrick - May 13, 2023

Though we do feel the creators should dig a little deeper to make their plot a little fresher for their show, it is a worthy concept.

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