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69th Annual Fence Show Hosts 150+ Artists At The Staten Island Museum

69th Annual Fence Show Hosts 150+ Artists At The Staten Island Museum

Staten Island Museum presents the 69th Annual Fence Show on Saturday, September 28, from 11am - 5pm featuring original art and unique crafts by 150+ local artists and artisans. A full range of art and handmade items will be on view and for sale, include paintings, photography, ceramics, jewelry, works on paper, and textiles.

Staten Island Museum transforms the front lawn into an open-air gallery filled with vibrant artwork, represented by the artists themselves, along with musical performances and food purveyors.

"The Fence Show represents a long-standing tradition of the Staten Island Museum providing an opportunity for local artists and craftspeople to come together to present and sell their work to the community. Coming to the Fence show is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and it's inspiring to experience the creativity that abounds here on Staten Island," states Janice Monger, President & CEO, Staten Island Museum.

Drawing more than 2500 attendees annually, the Fence Show is one of Staten Island Museum's most popular events. New this year will be a hands-on painting station. The Museum's galleries will also be open to visit.

ARTISTS (selected):

Alma Braisted, Line Drawings

Antonio DeSantis, Painter

Beatriz Giraldo, Jewelry Artisan

Kristopher Johnson, Photographer (Live photobooth/portraits)

Bill Murphy, Printmaker, Draftsman, & Painter

Emmanuel Noruwa, Painter

Hiroko Otani, Collage Prints

Janice Patrignani, Silk Fabric Design

Andrea Phillips, Collage Artist

Sage Reynolds, Silver and Jewelry Artisan

Sarah Yuster, Painter, pastel

Mildred Piccinni, Kay La Manna, Arlene Ajello have exhibited their work annually for the past 25 years

Youth Artists - several young artists will participate with creations ranging from paintings to robot dolls.

Full Artist List:

Mike Adamo, Arlene Ajello, James Alcorn, Bob Alverson, Kris Alverson, Herbert Alwais, Dominic Ambrose, Tamara Andreasyan, Cheryl Antonucci, Vito Armetta, Elizabeth Armetta, Allan Avidano, Meghan Joseph-Avidano, Arthur Backstrom, Rudy Baker, Natalie Baldassano, Danielle Barone, Victoria Bellinger, Marie Bernardi, Neil Besignano, Helen Bilotti, Alma Braisted, Larceria Brown, Elif Bryant, Patricia Calderon, Michelle Campos, Jessica Capuozzo, Mackenzi Perez-Castacio, Mafalda Cento, Lisa Marie Colandrea, Jerry Coppola, Michael Corace, Mary Carro, De Yos, Will Delaney, Antonio DeSantis, Marcella DeSio, Andrew Distefano, Hendryka Dottavio, Anna Dyba, Martin Eisenberg, Kevyn Fairchild, Ray Ferragano, Elle Finn, Debbie Fiorentino, Alyssa Fiorito, Jenya Frid, Alana Gilkeson, Beatriz Giraldo, Karen Goode, Dennis Green, Chris Gulbin, Michele Guttenberg, Ellen Day Hudson, Susan Ippolito, Milosz Jeziorski, Erik Johnson, Kristopher Johnson, Michelle Joseph, Jan Kablan, Tina Kaasmann-Dunn, Erica Keselman, William Kelly, Gene Kennish, Linda Klein, Robert Kodadek, Karen Ladley, Kay LaManna, Paul Landgraf, Emily Long, Jackie Luv, Jennifer Macaluso, Kelly Marshall, Salvina Marsiglia, Annette Marten, Frank Matteo, Teresa Mayo, Marie Melloy, Karen McNamara, Gail Middleton, Benjamin Miller, Margaret Molinari, Brianna Monltalbano, Alice Morris, Bill Murphy, Anna Nadler, Emmanuel Noruwa, Carolyn O'Brien, Shirley Ostrega, Hiroko Otani, Rasputin Ovaltine, Megan Padovano, Robert Padovano, Jemma Parsons, Tatiana Parsons, Janice Patrignani, Andrea Phillips, Saint Phillips, Mildred Piccinnini, Joan Pinsker, Denny Pizzini, Irina Poludnenko, Ava Quinn, Jeannine Restucci, Sage Reynolds, Patricia Rondinelli, Linda Rossi, Ruben Ruiz, Colman Rutkin, Margaret Sallemi, Victoria Salterelli, Diane Sassone, Liz Sblendido, Elizabeth Schade, Patricia Schwimer, Dennis Sheheen, Keri Sheheen, Anne Siemer, Valerie Shkymba-McAndrews, Carmel Simone, Carol Smith, Michelina Spinelli, William Thatcher, Lolita Trincere, Richard Trincere, Anne Tulimieri, Karen Uttaro, Frank Vaccaro, Victoria Vaughan, Jessica Velazquez, Elizabeth Volchok, Carolyn Weiss, Jean Wright, Elzbieta Wysoczanska, Richard Xuereb, Dennis Yanoski, Debbie Young, and Sarah Yuster.


Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble presents its final performance for an open-air music festival during the event. The soundtrack to an extraordinary day will include classical chamber music, original commissions, jazz fusion jams, prog rock epics and performances by guest collaborators.

11:30 MCCE & WaFoo, Main Stage

12:30 MCCE, Bldg A

1:15 J. Brunka Project, Main Stage

2:15 MCCE String Trio, Bldg A

3:00 MCCE Electric Ensemble


This year's expanded food options include:

· Shorty's Roti Shop

  • Pastry Lover's Choice
  • Mi Armadillo Grande

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