2013 Tony Awards Rehearsal - LIVE Blog from Radio City Music Hall!

2013 Tony Awards Rehearsal - LIVE Blog from Radio City Music Hall!

The big day is here! Follow our LIVE coverage starting from Tony Rehearsals starting at approximately 10am. Want to know who's performing what? What order to expect the awards in and other tidbits? Spoil yourself (and consider yourself warned)!

Then, check back at 6:00 PM when we'll be showing the red carpet live, and when all of our full coverage will begin! Keep checking BroadwayWorld.com on Tony night, well into the early morning hours, and in the days ahead for EVERYTHING Tonys...

12:39 - Will it be BRING IT ON, A CHRISTMAS STORY, THE MUSICAL, KINKY BOOTS or MATILDA THE MUSICAL? Tune in tonight to find out and stay tuned to BroadwayWorld.com throughout the day.

12:38 - The show is still in great shape, and now on stage for THIS year's Tony winning Best musical, Bernadette Peters is here to present BEST MUSICAL.

12:34 - Encore! The company of last year's Tony-winning musical ONCE is onstage to perform. A great opportunity for everyone to see the new leads.

12:30 - Screams for two-time Tony winner Patti LuPone who is here (waving to a sceaming balcony) to award Best Revival of a Musical. She's also introducing a brief look at video highlights from THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD.

12:29 - The leads of ONCE are back to talk about the Best Scenic Design winners that they presented earlier in the evening.

12:28 - And a reminder to the producers of Best Revival of a Musical that only 3(!) producers are to come center stage.

12:24 - Fabulous performance and if the applause level of the dress rehearsal audience is any indication, it's going to be a great night for KINKY BOOTS.

12:20 - Everybody say Yeah! Yeah! for the cast of KINKY BOOTS.

12:19 - And now setting up on stage - KINKY BOOTS and here to introduce them, the lovely ladies of MAMMA MIA!

12:16 - Neil Patrick Harris is back, introducing Jake Gylenhaal's stand-in who is here to present Leading Actress in a Play...and musical.

12:15 - They're doing a great job celebrating many of the long-running shows on Broadway and the Chicago team is back presenting on the broadcasts highlights of their in-commercial awarding of Best Lighting Design for a Play / Musical.

12:12 - Another commercial break highlights package for the many musicals of the 2012/2013 season.

12:09 - A BEAUTIFUL tribute to the many talented people that we lost this year.

12:06 - Matthew Morrison is here to present the In Memorium segment for this year, with a special performance by one of the night's nominees that we're not going going to spoil.

12:04 - They'll also present Best Leading Actor in a Play. Soooo many great performers and performances from both these categories.

12:01 - A great performance of the title song, and Sally Field (here) and Matthew Broderick (not here) are now onstage to present the Best Leading Actor in a Musical. Loud applause for Sally Field.

11:57 - 21-time Tony winner Hal Prince's stand-in is now here to celebrate THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA's 25th Birthday. He's sharing statistics on the show's phenomenal success and record breaking performances around the country. Here to perform, The Phantom of the Opera, singing the title song.

11:55 - We're back from commercial with Annie and Daddy Warbucks, Lilla Crawford and Anthony Warlow here to talk about presenting the Best Book of a Musical earlier in the night.

11:54 - Another fun clip package for those in the theatre mixing rehearsal and onstage clips from the season.

11:53 - Back as promised during the latest commercial, it's Chicago back on stage for Best Lighting Design of a Play.

11:50 - They're here to congratulate Mayor Bloomberg on his Special Tony and to present Best Revival of a Play. They're also celebrating the 11.6 million theatregoers that attended shows this past season.

11:47 - With 'Corner of the Sky' and 'Magic To Do' the cast lit up the stage, absolutely stellar entertainment. Neil Patrick Harris is here to introduce Mayor Bloomberg and Sigourney Weaver (stand-ins).

11:43 - A few technical issues getting the stage set, but we're now back. It's the leads from A LION KING on stage to present another show that has sons and kings --- PIPPIN!

11:39 - And now a reminder to the producers for the upcoming Best Revival of a Musical category to again go to the SIDE of the stage if their show wins.

11:36 - Looks like a little circus action is getting ready on the stage.while we're getting to see a little commercial for FIRST DATE, starting performances on July 9th. Also, a commercial for THE GLASS MENAGERIE.

11:35 - CHICAGO is on stage to present Best Lighting Design of a Musical, during a commercial break while the next show sets up on stage. She's promised to return during the next commercial for Best Lighting Design of a Play.

11:32 - Don't shoot your eye out, but the cast of A CHRISTMAS STORY is bringing a little Christmas in June to Radio City Musical Hall.

11:30 - Neil Patrick Harris is back to introduce...A CHRISTMAS STORY!

11:28 - He will also present the award for Best Play.

11:25 - Now onstage, Jesse Eisenberg is here, talking about the nominations for Best Play. He's describing each nominated play, in front of minimal set pieces, that switch to clip packages. A nice way to do it.

11:24 - We're now watching a pre-show highlight of the Lifetime Achievement Award presentations to Paul Libin and Ming Cho Lee and to Larry Kramer. Also, the Regional Theatre Tony to the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston.

11:23 - There's now been an onstage reminder that the hordes of producers are again to walk to a 'Winner's Circle' off to the side of the stage if they want to be seen on camera.

11:23 - The next in-commercial clip package is all about our uber-talented host, Mr. Neil Patrick Harris.

11:21 - The lovely leads from ONCE are back in the commercial break to present Best Scenic Design of a Play.

11:16 - Steven van Zandt is now here, and 'Happy to be back on TV on a Sunday night' to talk about the theatre season, with a clip package set to one of THE RASCALS' many hits -- and they are here live to perform as well!

11:14 - Next up Anna Kendrick (here) and Cuba Gooding Jr. (stand-in) are here for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

11:13 - Wow, definitely a highlight of the show!

11:08 - Back center stage is Neil Patrick Harris to bring up some special suprirse guests...

11:07 - The NEWSIES are back on stage and they are here to show off the highlight of their earlier presentation of Best Choreography.

11:06 - Another funny in commercial video package of Tony nominee reactions while the next performance sets up on stage.

11:04 - ONCE is back on stage to present Best Set Design of a Musical.

11:01 - Entering to loud applause Jane Lynch is here for 'Little Girls'. She looks and sounds great.

10:58 - Orphan alert! The Spider-Man are here to introduce another musical that has its roots in a comic strip - ANNIE. "It's a Hard Knock Life"

10:55 - We're back from commercial again, and Jane Krakowski and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are here (no stand-ins for them!) and they're talking about the pre-show Tonys that were presented for Best Orchestrations (pre-broadcast), and they'll be presenting Best Score (on the broadcast) as well.

10:54 - A quick commercial was just shown for THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY as part of 'What's Coming Up'.

10:52 - There's now a clip package about 'The Year in Plays' and what a year it was. So many great performances and we're seeing little clips from all the shows.

10:50 - That was a great medley of songs from the show, concluding with a big # by the show's Jackson 5 that the audience is going to eat right up, and now we're back with the NEWSIES on stage to give out the Tony for Best Choreography.

10:45 - And the MOTOWN cast is now on stage (and in the audience) and the whole cast is here to rock Radio City.

10:45 - Jersey Boys! Tony-winner John Lloyd Young and the Jersey Boys are here to introduce another story based on a classic song catalog - MOTOWN!

10:43 - And, Best Direction of a Play....

10:41 - Now stand-ins for John Cryer and Martha Plimpton are onstage to present Best Direction of a Musical.

10:40 - They're followed by loud applause welcoming Neil Patrick Harris back to the stage introducing stand-ins for Oliver Platt and Liam Neason who are here to represent 'comedy' and 'tragedy' and they're here to talk about the American Theatre Wing.

10:38 - Back from commercial, and it's cast members from ONCE showing off another pair of pre-ceremony awards for Best Sound Design of a Play and Best Sound Design of a Musical.

10:36 - During the next commercial break, it's a hilarious video of a camera crew asking New Yorker's and tourists what they think Hands on a Hardbody, Lucky Guy, Scandalous, Kinky Boots and more are about with some funny answers.

10:34 - Anthony Warlow and Lilla Crawford are onstage in costume now to present Best Book of a Musical.

10:32 - There's no ball without a prince, and we've got Santino Fontana onstage singing to Laura in a beautiful number that'll surely be selling tons of tickets. Lovely!

10:30 - Victoria Clark and Laura Osnes are on stage, Impossible? Beautiful singing, costume transitions and now the show's horse and carriage is on stage to bring Cinderella to the ball (and the rest of the dancing cast!)

10:28 - While a stand-in accepts the award, next up is the cast of ROCK OF AGES, here to introduce the next performing show - CINDERELLA.

10:26 - Back onstage is Neil Patrick Harris, introducing Alan Cumming and Scarlett Johansson's stand-ins to present Best Featured Actor in a Musical.

10:24 - Coming back from commercial, and it's the cast of Disney's mega-hit, THE LION KING to talk about the Best Costume Design awards, which was presented pre-show. They're now showing video from the dress rehearsal of the pre-show for both Play and Musical.

10:23 - Also featured in the Tony Honors video, The Lost Colony, Peter Lawrence, and the lovely little ladies from Matilda. They're showing footage from last night's event, which we'll also have on BroadwayWorld - soon!

10:22 - Also during the commercial, we're seeing a video about Tony Honors winners, Career Transitions for Dancers and William Craver. Congrats guys!

10:20 - The next in-commercial award, Best Sound Design of a Play, given by the cast of ONCE.

10:19 - Great number which also includes some of the high-flying choreography that the show was known for on Broadway. Really fun.

10:16 - The cast of BRING IT ON is back together for a big number - 'It's All Happening'

10:15 - Now we've cast members of CHICAGO onstage talking about their show, talking about how it was made into a film, and how another film was brought to the stage this season -- BRING IT ON.

10:13 - And now, Tom Hanks' stand-in is here to give out Best Featured Actress in a Play.

10:12 - Back on stage, and testing out jokes is Neil Patrick Harris, seeing which jokes get the loudest laughs to use tonight for a funny bit about mashing up plays and musicals.

10:07 - As in year's past, the 'for this rehearsal only' awards are being accepted by audience member standins, complete with hilarious speeches.

10:06 - Presenting the first during commercial award, it's Best Sound Design of a Musical, presented by the new 'Guy' and 'Girl' from ONCE.

10:05 - A GREAT number and showcase for the show, which ends with the 4 (Tony-winning) kids. Now, back into another commercial while the stage is reset.

10:03 - LOUD applause for the cast of MATILDA, whom have moved from 'Revolting Children' into 'When I Grow Up. They've made beautiful work of the set, mixing physical elements along with some beautiful digital backdrops.

10:00 - The NEWSIES are onstage to introduce the cast of MATILDA THE MUSICAL! Bertie Carvel opened the scene and now we've got the uber-talented kids, 'Revolting Children' and more...

9:57 - First up to present, Audra McDonald and Zachary Quinto, here to present Best Featured Actor in a Play. Audra's not here, but Zachary is!

9:54 - Major congrats to Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Kitt, Neil Patrick Harriss and everyone else on an amazing opening complete with everything you'd want -- and then some!

9:45 - The lights are down and the opening number has begun. No spoilers, but it's FABULOUS!

9:40 - The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing have just welcomed everyone inside, the house is filled with stars, producers, creative teams and more. As in year's past, I'll be blogging all but the surprises in the opening, closing etc. and we hear that there are MANY!

9:30 - We are inside and ready to go! We will start at 9:45!

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