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Julesworks Presents Follies #64 Election Relief

The crew of Julesworks have regrouped to finally stage their second not live live variety show offerings.

Julesworks Presents Follies #64 Election Relief

The crew of Julesworks have regrouped to finally stage their second not live live variety show offerings, as Santa Fe's longest running show presenting a true hodgepodge medley variety in their Follies show which has been being presented for approaching a decade.

Having become one of the the first local troupes to offer a digital show during these Quarantimes, if for no other reason than the date for JW's 63rd Folly had been late April so by May they had instead launched their first on line digital offering. This time they perhaps make a little bit of local history again by teaming up with different local entities to air different, separate but equal shows on two different platforms with two local theaters via each's websites.

One show will air on Thursday November 5th at 6pm via the JCC at and the other on Sunday November 8th at 6pm at, marking their first collaboration with the great folks at Teatro Paraguas.

Starting at those times, again as free offerings to the community, the shows will present their (un)usual medley of repeat performers with some new ones, in a digital version of the usual showcase of an array of short playlets/monologues, music, rant-alogues, poetry, comedy, and much more. The Julesworks Follies YouTube page remains active, including having JW 63 available for viewing anytime.

The confirmed performers thus far include returns from some of the most loyal Julesworksers including: loyalist and multi talented Rose Provan with her ongoing Gramma Speaks material, the clan of Christl McKenzie being Lexi and young Lanz, who has practically grown up watching and performing with Julesworks, Danette Sills returns again with her new Beatriz Speaks pieces offering QuaranTimes tips, it appears these shows will see the return after a little absence of long time performers Ellchemi Ossorio and Santa Fe's radio impresario Chris Diestler.

New performers from last show who will return include poetess Melanie Lamb Faithful (who has a new book of poetry and photos available at JCC's Beastly Books as well her own author event being planned with JCC by year's end) and Regina Ress, a world renowned storyteller, Jim Jones an NM legend and treasure with his cowboy music, and a second installment of Jules & Jim do Red being recitations of poetry by beloved cowboy author Red Shuttleworth (one of the upsides of the not live show has been being able to include artists who no longer or in Red's case never lived in NM), speaking of Brett PQ Ribber Berman, former Santa Fean now in TorC should have another music video. The tradition of the show opening with music from the beloved Gregg Turner and his Group looks to carry on (one of the other upshots of going digital not live is having music with videos), and we hope to have the presence again of the treasured Terry Diers. Some of the new folks joining JW for their first time include: young talented musician Mohit Dubey, David Thom, musical maestro who plays with the beloved Bill Hearne and on his own and with his cohort Zeke Severson, and the return of Santa Fe Theater impresario Argos MacAllum. The other artists from Teatro Paraguas who will be offering material appears to include the likes of Alix Hudson, Roxanne Tapia, Christina Emily Vigil, Juliet Marie Salazar as well as talented young actor Niko'a Salas. Also returning for the second digital offering, someone who has never lived but had performed in Santa Fe, (another upshot of doing the show in these QuaranTimes) being small town Ohio mayor and unique performer who channels the likes of HP Lovecraft and Carl Sagan, Leeman Kessler.

We hope to again be able to include an offering from Santa Fe's beloved Puppet master Devon Ludlow who we hope can return to JW again. And as ever other surprises, gems, and whatevers are likely to be tossed in. Just as each live show has a host, this show will be hosted by Jules Radio Nut Character, safe in his quarantined secret bunker, hidden in the Hobbit Den of South Santa Fe. He will introduce each piece and many will be shared via video interaction that was recorded live, if not lively.

Julesworks Follies has always, in its various venues and incarnations, had an open door policy as far as welcoming willing performers of all ilks. With an original goal, which remains a driving force, being to offer artists a safe environment to share their work with an audience, whether it's someone who has not performed for years, ever or is a seasoned artist trying something new or whatever they wish, the Julesworks Follies shows are a lively array of short pieces. So we always encourage and remind the audience if they don't like a piece, don't give up, just wait a few moments or in the not live show version, one can even cheat and scroll forward. In lieu of being live at the Jean Cocteau theater, where the bar and concessions are usually open, one can watch safely from home, hit pause as need, etc. And we are adding a collaboration with Teatro Paraguas in an effort to help grow Santa Fe's Theater Community, include some more new performers and more material, and because last time although the show was rather long we still had much good material generously donated from talented artists that had to be cut for length.

As ever, things are fluid ever changing and open to the flux. We thank the community for their continued support as well as the staff and team of GRRM's Jean Cocteau in particular Rory and Janet MacPherson, Kris Vivian and Jordan Apodaca. And we are very grateful for the Board and team at Teatro Paraguas agreeing to this new plan of attempting two concurrent shows. And we thank all who watch and of course those who donate their talents with them.

Julesworksers will be attempting to present their (un) usual medley of live performance including short playlets, skits, music, poetry, and a style of improv designed to hopefully keep the audience not only engaged but usually involved, though given the quanrtimed nature of this not quite live show that last part will be more up to however the viewers wish to behave in their safe environments. So while we will attempt to carry on some of our traditions some will be harder this go round to include like the Open Slot Slot where the audience members are invited to join on stage to present a short piece and other traditions include Ask The Revisionist Historians with Christl and her clan especially young Lanz in which the audience can ask questions

Though something tells us this may not be the last, though it is the first, not quite live Julesworks folly so things shall evolve of course as ever.

And of course from the safety of your own homes, the audience can substitute the JCC libations and snacks for their own. With all the great restaurants staying open these months offering easy pick up service, the options are HUGE!

As far as producing and bringing the material together, there is rarely a specific mandate as to what performers contribute other than the importance of keeping the pieces short since we always have an abundance of material to offer and the show flows best going from a short playlet or monologue to music to poetry to something funny to something more serious or topical to music and so on. We do try to revolve around a topical or timely theme but make no promises nor strict rules of adherence.

There are some recurring performers and elements which are in most shows, some folks who take time off and then return and we aim to have at least on new performer each show...with the Paraguas collaboration there will not only be some of the new performers from the 63rd show returning but more than ever joining for their first time.

All performers and artists, as well as anyone interested in helping behind the scenes, are encouraged to submit possible show ideas to Jules at:

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