Ryan Andes Biography

Birth Place:
Malibu, CA
Gender: Male

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Ryan Andes Biography

Birth Place: Malibu, CA
Gender: Male

Born in Malibu Lake, CA and raised mostly in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Had strong ties to performance growing up with influences from Grandfather (paternal) Keith Andes, well-known Broadway singer who made a name for himself in Hollywood, and grandmother (maternal) Marie Deitrich, who was a dancer and performer with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Started attending acting school as a child in Los Angeles, and performed in almost every play and musical through high school. Also became interested in Fine Art and won awards in high school for sculpture.

Attended college at San Francisco State University and received a Bachelor of Music in Classical Vocal Performance as a Bass with a minor in Dramatic Arts, graduated in 2004.

Lived overseas for a year after college performing opera in Rome. Afterwards, moved to NYC to pursue a career in theatre and performance. Did many off-off Bway plays and musicals in those first few years, performing with the NYC Fringe, Studio 42, Flux Theatre Ensemble, The PIT, to name a few. Also began a burgeoning Voice Over career in commercials, video games, and animation. In 2013, debuted on Broadway as Karl the Giant in Big Fish, in the very same theatre that Grandpa Keith Andes opened Wildcat in 1960. Since then he has been seen at Avery Fischer Hall (Sweeney Todd), NYCC Encores (the Wild Party), and in NBC's Peter Pan, Live! He has been active in the NYC indy film scene, and has had roles on several NYC TV shows including Elementary, Person of Interest, and The Path.

He wears another hat as a craftsman, handmaking leather goods and jewelry as a freelance costumer and fashion designer.

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