Christopher Titus Set to Produce First Feature Film- SPECIAL UNIT

Coming off of his comedy special "The Voice In My Head" produced by his new production company Combustion Films, Comedian Christopher Titus is gearing up to produce his first feature film "Special Unit," with support from his fans. "Special Unit is unlike any comedy ever done," says Titus. "The stand-up specials and my TV show "Titus" always went places with comedy that most won't go, Special Unit is no exception. "You are nuts!" Everyone has told me this... after they laughed at the premise," said Christopher. Due to the fairness and disabilities act the LAPD has to hire four handicapped undercover detectives. Shot gritty like the Shield, but pure comedy, the film stars Christopher Titus as an overly tough cop who has a drinking problem, an ex-girlfriend problem (his ex girlfriend is now the Mayor), and an anger problem. He is forced to build a team that consists of a rag-tag group of disabled people who want to shove the term "differently-abled" up the world's (...well you can fill in the blanks). Through training, and their specific skills, they end up being more effective than any undercover team since Starsky and Hutch, but way funnier. The premise to some might seem controversial coming from a comedian, but Titus had a very serious message he wanted to get across to moviemakers and filmgoers when writing this film. "I wrote this movie to push the envelope of comedy, and to give these amazing actors a shot at showing Hollywood how funny, self deprecating, sarcastic and REAL, people with disabilities can be."

Christopher Titus feels strongly that these actors should not be defined in Hollywood by what people "perceive" to be their disabilities. The movie stars Christopher's friends/comedians including Brad Williams, Josh Blue, and Michael Aronin and according to Titus "They are the stars of this movie and badass." Special Unit will not only be hilarious, but will cause a shift in the way people see and react to the disabled. This movie will be shot in Hollywood with the best crews, a script written by a Writer's Guild nominated writer (aka Titus), the funniest actors and the music done by Grammy winning band Everlast.

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