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Rusalka at Grand Théâtre de Genève


6/13/2013 - 6/27/2013


Grand Théâtre de Genève

Boulevard du Théâtre 11, 1211 Genève, Switzerland
Geneva,Geneva CH-1211

Tickets Info

CHF 26.00 - CHF 289.00
Phone: +41 22 418 31 30
Running Time: Approx. 3h10 (including intermission)

Rusalka in Switzerland

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Rusalka lives under the rule of the Water-Goblin, with all the other girls of the lake. But Rusalka has fallen in love with the Prince and wants to break free from her condition and embrace him as a lover. The Water-Goblin disagrees with her but he takes her to a witch, Je¾ibaba, who tells Rusalka that, if she becomes human, she will lose the power of speech. If the prince betrays her, both of them will be eternally damned. Rusalka agrees to the terms and drinks a potion. The Prince finds Rusalka and leads her away, to be his mute and nameless bride. But a jealous Foreign Princess causes the Prince to betray Rusalka, who returns to her lake for ever. Does she still love the Prince enough to try to save him from her own tragic fate?

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