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Love/Life - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Rachel Norton LCT Associate Director of Development
Chris Akins LCT Associate Production Manager
Barbara Carroll LCT Press Associate
Musical Director
Beth Dembrow LCT Management Assistant
Jeff Hamlin LCT Production Manager
Lisa Iacucci Stage Manager
Serino Coyne, Inc. Advertising
Hattie K. Jutagir LCT Director of Development
Josh Lowenthal Associate Company Manager
Lou Marini Woodwinds
Matthew Markoff Company Manager
James McMullan Poster Designer
Philip Rinaldi LCT General Press Agent
Linda Mason Ross LCT Director of Marketing
Adam Siegel LCT General Manager
Warren Smith Percussion
Melanie Weinraub LCT Associate General Manager
Ira Weitzman LCT Musical Theatre Associate Producer