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(writer and amateur actor)

(Astor Place (Macbeth), English)

(Astor Place (Malcolm))

(Astor Place (Macduff))

(Broadway Theatre (who normally plays Macduff but i)

(Broadway Theatre (Duncan; Errington))

(wife of Edwin, English)

(Broadway Theatre (3rd Witch; Nahmeokee))

(Astor Place (Lady Macbeth))

(an aspiring actress, daughter of Frederick Wemyss)

(Broadway Theatre (Macbeth; Metamora))

(actress and Boucicault's wife, English/Scottish)

(Broadway Theatre (fills in as Macduff), English & )

(Broadway Theatre (2nd Witch; Goodenough))

(Broadway Theatre (Porter; Church))

(Astor Place (Young Siward, 3rd Witch, Ross))

(Astor Place (Siward, Old Man))

(Astor Place (1st Witch, Donalbain))

(playwright and actor, English/Irish)

(Broadway Theatre (1st Witch))

(Broadway Theatre (Young Siward; Kaweshine))

Production Team

Jules Fisher Lighting Designer
Jane Greenwood Costume Designer
Bob James Composer
(Incidental Music)
David Jenkins Scenic Designer
Jeff Ladman Sound Designer
Greg Meeh Projection Designer
Jack O'Brien Director