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The Secret Theatre - 2017 - West End

As the nation's relationship with Europe deteriorates and civil unrest grows, Elizabeth I's spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, adopts extreme tactics to keep his queen and country safe. Set in a world of espionage, double-crossing and blackmail, The Secret Theatre asks what we are prepared to sacrifice to ensure our safety.


The Secret Theatre West End Cast


by Debbie Gilpin - November 23, 2017
Terrorist plots, underfunded government departments, unjustifiable military action - all very modern worries, I'm sure you'll agree. However, playwright Anders Lustgarten and director Matthew Dunster beg to differ. The second production of The Winter Selection is a new play, The Secret Theatre, ostensibly about Sir Francis Walsingham and his Elizabethan intelligence network (after which the play is named), yet actually telling a very familiar tale for the 21st century.