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The 5,000 Fingers of Doctor T - 2004 - New York Tickets, News, Info & More

based on the film by Theodor Geisel

Bart Collins grudgingly takes piano lessons from Dr. Terwilliker. The youth fantasizes that the evil Dr. T enlists 500 children to play the concerto he's written on the world's biggest piano. Dr. T enrolls them in a huge music institute, and a boy tries to defeat his evil plan. In a subplot, the boy's mom is a single parent, and Dr. T. tries to romance her. But it's the friendly plumber from next door who's the hero who ends up with the mother and the boy.


by Robert Diamond - Aug 30, 2010
Kerry Butler, Deidre Goodwin, James Patrick Stuart and Tom McGowan will star in the NYMF 2010's Production of Pandora's Box - A New Musical Play with Music and Lyrics by Glen Roven, Book by Maria S. Schlatter, and Directed by Gary Halvorson and Wayne Cilento. The show will run at Theater St. Clements (423 West 46th) with performances on October 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 16th.
by BWW Staff - Apr 10, 2014
Sugar Babies wasn't supposed to be a hit. The 1979 Broadway insiders 'knew' no one wanted to see two has-been movie stars doing hokey jokes from a long-dead low-brow genre. Yet, it was, a big, fat, lines-around-the-box-office smash. And why? Two words: Mickey Rooney.