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Listening In - 1922 - Broadway


Bijou Theatre

(New York, NY)
209 W. 45th St.
by DC Felton - Sep 30, 2019
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if one of your family members that have passed on could come back and talk with you? What would they say? Ankeny Community Theatres production of a?oeMom's Gift,a?? which opened this weekend, asked the audience that very questions. The comedic and heartfelt play is a reminder of how sometimes we don't always know the full story. What is Mom's Gift? That you will have to come to the show to find out.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Sep 2, 2020
Comedy legend Jenny Eclair turned 60 this year, just before the UK went into Covid-19 lockdown.
by Marianka Swain - Sep 16, 2019
You arrive, maybe with friends, you buy a drink, you sit down in a communal space, and a host of people enthusiastically perform stories. I'm not talking about theatre a?" I'm talking about pubs.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Sep 16, 2019
ALL ARTS, the multimedia arts platform launched earlier this year by WNET (parent company of New York's PBS stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21 and operator of NJTV), is pleased to announce the launch of Songwriters Under the Covers with Victoria Shaw, a new, intimate, music performance and storytelling series created in collaboration with award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw and Brighton Entertainment. Songwriters Under the Covers with Victoria Shaw puts the spotlight on the songwriters of some of music's biggest hits across pop, rock, and country.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Sep 16, 2019
ALL ARTS, the multimedia arts platform launched earlier this year by WNET (parent company of New York's PBS stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21 and operator of NJTV), is pleased to announce the launch of Songwriters Under the Covers with Victoria Shaw, a new, intimate, music performance and storytelling series created in collaboration with award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw and Brighton Entertainment. Songwriters Under the Covers with Victoria Shaw puts the spotlight on the songwriters of some of music's biggest hits across pop, rock, and country.
by Maya Bowles - Oct 31, 2020
This week, Storyglass released the first three episodes of their new podcast, What I Love, hosted by former artistic director of the Royal Court, Ian Rickson. In each episode, Rickson speaks with a different artist about three of their cultural treasures – a film, a poem, and a song. The interviews were recorded over the summer, taking place in empty theatres, against the poignant backdrop of their closure due to the coronavirus. Rickson adapts the Desert Island Discs premise, embodying a more therapeutic, creative and almost spiritual version of Kirsty Young, as he strives to see the world through his guest’s eyes.
by Debbie Gilpin - Oct 28, 2018
This year sees the 40th anniversary of John Williams' first concert with the London Symphony Orchestra, which was performed at the Royal Albert Hall in February 1978. Friday's concert would have heralded Williams' return to perform in London for the first time in over 20 years, though this was sadly prevented by illness. One of Williams' long-time colleagues Dirk Brosse instead took up the conductor's baton, and the event became a big celebration of and expression of love for a composer whose career has spanned six decades, finding a place in millions of people's hearts thanks to his legendary film and television scores.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Oct 27, 2020
The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan announces the lineup for its 14th Annual Other Israel Film Festival, which will virtually highlight some of the top cinema from Israel, coupled with meaningful discussion on the future of the region. The week-long festival will take place online from December 3 - 10, 2020.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Oct 20, 2020
Macha Theatre Works' 20th Season: Into the Unknown will feature 17 MINUTE STORIES, a series of solo shows by local female writer/performers.
by Shari Barrett - Oct 1, 2019
Told in three separate one-act stories, the World Premiere of Leda Siskind's play THE SURVEILLANCE TRIOLOGY explores the ways in which private citizens have become victims of ever-present eavesdropping by forces able to be kept secret until the damage has been done. Directed by Amanda Conlon at Theatre 40, ultimately you may just walk out at the end wondering just how you are being watched and for just what purpose, especially when you turn your cell phone back on and begin interacting with it.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Nov 5, 2020
Macha Theatre Works has announced the first 17 Minute Stories for the 2020–2021 Season: Into the Unknown, featuring new theatrical stories with strong female characters. 
by Tori Hartshorn - Nov 28, 2018
February 8 will see the release via the venerable Bar/None label of Songs From Robin Hood Lane and From Memphis to New Orleans, two thought-provoking looks at an often overlooked period of Alex Chilton's long, curious career.  He was at the height of his cult star fame in the mid 1980s to mid 1990s when he made these recordings. It is some of his best most honest work oddly neglected for some time but delivered here for enthusiasts and neophytes alike. All these recordings have been out of print for decades.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Nov 21, 2019
Attracting an international reputation for ground breaking contemporary performance, Melbourne's Arts House continues to draw attention to extraordinary artists who create life-changing art and are driven by cultural transformation.
by Kaitlin Milligan - Nov 13, 2019
Focused on creating content with inherent fandom appeal, leading audio and reading entertainment platform Serial Box is serving up a slate of three original genre series set in alternate universes. 
by Gil Kaan - May 8, 2019
The Grammy Museum will be hosting NOTES ON LIVING: ALL-STAR JAZZ WITH TALES BY BRIAN DOYLE May 14, 2019 as a joint benefit for WordTheatre in the Schools (WITS) and the Grammy Museum. WordTheatre's artistic director Cedering Fox will be producing and directing this evening of selected stories by award-winning author Brian Doyle, read by a star-studded cast, and accompanied by an all-star jazz band led by Starr Parodi. Cedering opened up some of her early evening time to speak to me.
by Marianka Swain - May 22, 2019
The audience plays surveillance state in this pioneering collaboration between playwright Ella Hickson and sound designers Ben and Max Ringham. We experience the action through individual sets of headphones, corresponding to a hidden mic on our protagonist Anna - listening in to her every exchange and private moment.
by Stephi Wild - Mar 7, 2021
Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company is excited to announce its 2021 Dr. R.J. Rodriguez Emerging Playwrights ' Celebration (March 13-16). The Festival begins on Saturday March 13th, with a viewing of all three winning plays, and a LIVE 'Town Hall' with the theatre artists. There are pay-what-you-can tickets available for all theatre artists.
by Nicole Rosky - Mar 6, 2021
Broadway might be dark, but that doesn't mean that theatre isn't happening everywhere! Below, check out where you can get your daily fix of Broadway this weekend, March 6-7, 2021.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Mar 4, 2019
In its Centennial year, the Los Angeles Philharmonic continues to grow in its commitment to supporting the creation of new music and nurturing young composers through two programs: National Composers Intensive (NCI), for composers ages 18 to 30, and the Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellowship Program (CFP) for high school-aged composers. For the first time, the NCI program collaborates with New York City-based International Contemporary Ensemble (the Ensemble) to work with seven composers who will have the opportunity to workshop their pieces, both in New York and in Los Angeles, culminating in a performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall.
by Stephi Wild - Mar 3, 2021
In the time of Covid, Outdoor Arts provide important opportunities to reinvigorate our cultural lives whilst supporting the creative economy.  To lead the way, Without Walls has announced 21 new projects to receive support in 2021. 
by Stephi Wild - Mar 23, 2020
The Coronavirus has hit Artists everywhere hard, and it's left audiences hungry for Art.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Mar 10, 2021
As we mark the one-year anniversary of the start of Covid lockdown and pandemic horrors, no radio show is more fitting than Dracula. 'It is the horror story to beat all horror stories,' says David Roth, who co-directs with Kerry Long. Audiences can join Staples Players in Transylvania this Sunday, March 14, at 6 pm EDT.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jun 4, 2020
Data Lords is a new double-album by Grammy Award-winning composer and bandleader Maria Schneider.  Inspired by conflicting relationships between the digital and natural worlds, the recording features Schneider's acclaimed orchestra of 18 world-class musicians. 
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jun 24, 2019
Theatre 40 is proud to announce their fall World Premiere production by Leda Siskind, THE SURVEILLANCE TRILOGY.  This is the 2nd show in the 201920 Series at Theatre 40, and also the 2nd play by Siskind, who's acclaimed production of All My Distances Are Far also premiered at Theatre 40 and is now published by Steel Spring Stage Rights.  The show will premiere September 19, 2019.  Casting for The Surveillance Trilogy will begin shortly after they announce the Director.  The production is produced by David Hunt Stafford.
by Stephi Wild - Jun 15, 2020
On Sunday June 21, 2020 at 5pm EDT, Music on the Rebound and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) host The World Wide Heart Chant.
by Marianka Swain - Jul 4, 2019
In an ever-evolving universe, the art of maintaining complete and total fluidity is the most necessary key for survival. Renowned for his metamorphic capabilities and expertly crafted sonic adventures, Liquid Stranger has mastered his ability to slip in and out of genres all while honing his own personal style.
by Tori Hartshorn - Jul 18, 2019
KRO Records is very proud to announce the spellbinding new single 'Jesus Did' from Kills Birds. The incendiary track is joined by an equally striking companion video, directed by Kills Birds vocalist Nina Ljeti and streaming now via the Los Angeles-based band's official YouTube channel below. 
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jul 18, 2019
Playwright Leda Siskind is proud to confirm multi-award-winning director Amanda Conlon will be at the helm of her world premiere The Surveillance Trilogy.  The production will open September 19, 2019, at Theatre 40, located in the Reuben Cordova Theatre, 241 South Moreno Dr., Beverly Hills, CA. 90212.  
by Gil Kaan - Jul 13, 2020
The third annual SheLA Arts' Summer Theater Festival has gone completely digital this year, running July 13 through July 19, 2020. I had the socially distant chance to pose a few questions to one of the five elected playwrights chosen for this year's festival, Ali MacLean, whose THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR will world premiere July 17th via Zoom.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Jan 23, 2020
It's madness on Food Network this March as Guy Fieri hosts and executive produces an all new culinary competition where 16 of the nation's most celebrated chefs face-off on Tournament of Champions, premiering on Wednesday, March 4th at 10pm with a supersized 90-minute episode stuffed with edge-of-your-seat action. During the five-part tournament, the chefs' skills will be pushed to the limit, as they go head-to-head in a single elimination bracket-style competition, where a randomizer machine determines the protein, produce, equipment, cooking style, and time for each of the cook-offs. The pressure is on and emotions are high throughout this unpredictable tournament, as the elite chefs enter this blind competition not knowing who their opponents will be, or what cooking challenges they will face. The intensity increases in each sudden-death each round of the tournament as the coveted spots decrease from 16 to eight in the second round, then to four, until there are only two chefs in the final round.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jan 18, 2021
Triangle Rainbow Theater creative director Anthony Fusco will be presenting it's first annual LGBTQ Short Play Festival of one acts on Saturday February 27th & Sunday February 28th @ 3:00PM & 5:00PM, and Saturday March 6th & Sunday March 7th @ 3:00PM EST.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Feb 4, 2019
Wisconsin Peninsula Players Theatre, America's Oldest Professional Resident Summer Theatre and Door County's theatrical icon, is pleased to announce the installation of a hearing induction loop listening assistance system and receivers in its audience pavilion.
by Student Blogger: Danielle Urban - Feb 15, 2021
There are only certain musicals that really allow me to get truly lost in the music. A set of lyrics that allow me to fall into my own world, allow myself to live in that theatrical world, lose the reality of this world and get lost in another. Some of these might just be entire musicals, some of them might just be specific songs. 
by Stephi Wild - Dec 4, 2020
An incredible all-star cast have come together to create a unique digital retelling of JM Barrie’s enchanting classic, Peter Pan, in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity).
by Christine Swerczek - Dec 29, 2018
Suzanne Withem, director of Chanticleer Theater's upcoming production of LITTLE WOMEN, THE MUSICAL, talks about character development and what makes this timeless musical a story for all.
by Jim Munson - Dec 18, 2020
Talking to Khori Dastoor, General Director of Opera San José brings to mind that old quote from Elizabeth Taylor when she was faced with unimaginable adversity, “Now is the time for guts and guile.” Just one year into her tenure as GD, Dastoor is faced with an almost impossible situation due to the Covid pandemic. Out of all the arts, opera, the artform which she has made her life’s work, arguably has the biggest challenges. After all, the act of singing operatically produces enormous amounts of aerosols, the core audience is older and thus especially at risk for Covid, and the population at large may not consider opera to be essential to their lives. Since creating new works is practically impossible, many GD’s are offering a sort of greatest hits of former glories, video snippets from past years that were already in the can. Or maybe something like a “reading” of an old holiday chestnut like Der Rosenkavalier, presented Brady-Bunch style on Zoom. So what does Dastoor do instead? She goes bravely programs a brand-new, beautifully-produced production of Jake Heggie’s Three Decembers, starring no less than world-renowned opera star Susan Graham, alongside two of Opera San José’s super-talented Resident Artists, soprano Maya Kherani and baritone Efraín Solis. This immensely moving chamber work is based on an unpublished play by Terrance  McNally, adapted by librettist Gene Scheer, and tells the story of a family struggling to connect during the early years of the AIDS pandemic. The work premiered in 2008, yet somehow feels more relevant than ever, given the parallels with what we’re all going through today, as evidenced by McNally’s death from Covid earlier this year. The opera is currently available for streaming through the end of December. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit BroadwayWorld spoke with Dastoor shortly after the filming of Three Decembers had been completed. Dastoor was remarkably open and forthcoming about the challenges of the opera world right now, even as her passion for growing the artform burns stronger than ever. We talked about how she managed to produce Three Decembers during Covid, her successful earlier career as a lyric soprano, and the imperative to keep the arts alive during these difficult times. Her responses to my questions were invariably thoughtful, often surprising and not without humor. And, as a rare woman of color leading an opera company, her understanding of the need to open up her artform runs deep. Above all, though, she is just plain fun to talk to - effortlessly engaging, whip-smart, emotionally transparent, and without an ounce of pretension.
by Stephi Wild - Dec 12, 2019
The production team that ensured the show could go on after part of a West End theatre ceiling collapsed and the revival of much-loved pop magazine Smash Hits are among the nominees for The Stage Awards 2020, in association with Integro Insurance Brokers.
by Shari Barrett - Dec 10, 2019
We all know how unintentionally funny nuns can be as they go about their daily lessons, ruler in hand, trying to get children to behave or do their lessons. Or perhaps not. But just imagine if you could be a fly on the wall in the early morning hours, listening in as they get together over coffee or while baking bread in their small kitchen and blissfully make fun of not only their students but each other, as well as their local Bishop who holds all the money needed to keep their beloved St. Cyril's convent and school from closing down. They smoke and swear while complaining about being old, jaded and stupid, but realize that just like their building and the entire neighborhood around them, we're just a?oeall dirt poor.a?? And incredibly funny!
by Alexa Criscitiello - Aug 6, 2020
L.A. Theatre Works begins the new school year by expanding and extending its acclaimed learning initiative, Setting the Stage for Learning.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Aug 24, 2020
Los Angeles-based, Milwaukee-raised multi-instrumentalist; composer; and podcast host (The Trap Set) JOE WONG shares “In The Morning” today, the latest track from his debut album Nite Creatures, out September 18 via Decca Records. “In the Morning” charts the emergence from a mystical death cult. It features both Wong and Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips) on dueling, stereo drums and Drozd brings his singular melodic sensibility to the song’s guitar solo. Hear “In The Morning” below.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Aug 24, 2020
Los Angeles-based, Milwaukee-raised multi-instrumentalist; composer; and podcast host (The Trap Set) JOE WONG shares 'In The Morning' today, the latest track from his debut album Nite Creatures, out September 18 via Decca Records.
by Julie Musbach - Aug 12, 2019
Theatre 40 announces their fall World Premiere production by Leda Siskind, THE SURVEILLANCE TRILOGY, is in full-tilt rehearsal mode.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Apr 8, 2021
Today, eTown announced the addition of Black Pumas, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Sarah Jarosz, to an already stacked lineup of performers for its 30th b’Earthday Celebration on April 22nd—Earth Day 2021.
by Student Blogger: Claire Desenberg - Apr 28, 2021
All I have to say for myself is senior year spring quarter vibes. I am shoulder deep in senioritis and have absolutely no desire to watch any of my pre recorded lectures about how different faults are somehow related to plate tectonics. That being said I know we have all about had it with this school year and are ready for that zoom-free hot girl summer life. Here are some of my go to pro-tips to help pull you out of that mid-quarter funk I know we're all sitting in:
by Stephi Wild - Apr 24, 2020
Rob Watt's striking inaugural season as interim Artistic Director of Theatre Centre launches with a digital writing course led by exceptional professional writers to champion the next generation of voices.
by Nicole Rosky - Apr 19, 2021
The texts are the five separate plays Resounding is presenting at Radial Park from April 23-May 23. The diverse casts, totaling thirty actors on full union contracts, run the gamut of what it means to be a working actor in New York, including a TV legend, Tony nominees, Broadway regulars, and the top talent from across New York theatre that, combined, make New York the rich haven it is, has been, and should be again for theater folk of all stripes.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Apr 19, 2021
Vocalist of Little Hag, Avery Mandeville, shares: “Then and now, I yearn for warmth, freckles, good hair days, and inner peace while speeding down an icy Garden State Parkway en route to the gig.'
by Kori Lotito - Apr 10, 2019
When going into an open call audition - be it for a play, musical, dance show, or just a local community theatre production - being prepared and knowing what to expect can put you on top. In this guide, we outline 20 tips to help you get ahead at your next audition.