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Bronte - 2012 - Off-Broadway

$29 (Previews) $49 (Regular Performances)

BRONTË A Portrait of Charlotte is an award-winning biographical treatment written by William Luce. BRONTË takes place “in the course of a single day in a sittingroom of the Brontë house,” where Charlotte has returned to live with her stern God-fearing father after burying the last of her siblings, her sister Anne. Based on letters written between Charlotte and her childhood friend and confident, Ellen Nussey, the play sheds light on Charlotte’s fears, her need for love, her sense of loss and quiet suffering. Most importantly it casts light on the genius of the woman who despite the repressive environment she grew up in, dared to challenge conventional wisdom that women “ought to confine themselves to making puddings….knitting stockings…..playing on the piano.” Her fierce independence and remarkable imagination is perfectly relevant today. Written as a radio play for Julie Harris, it eventually became a stage piece which the legendary Miss Harris toured the country performing.

This new production of BRONTË is being presented by the AlloyTheater Company, and will open Off-Broadway at Theater 511.

Irish-born actress Maxine Linehan takes on the tour de force role.


Theater 511

(New York, NY)
511 West 54th Street (at 10th Street)

Bronte Off-Broadway Cast


by BWW News Desk - May 21, 2012
Actor Isiah Whitlock, Jr. who has received high praise for his work on HBO's The Wire, took time out of his busy schedule to catch the Off-Broadway production of William Luce's BRONTË A Portrait Of Charlotte, starring Maxine Linehan as the author of Jane Eyre. Whitlock met both Maxine and her director, Timothy Douglas, pictured below! He is scheduled to begin shooting a new film in New York in June.
by BWW News Desk - May 8, 2012
The Alloy Theater Company, a not-for-profit, performing arts organization, is staging a new production of award winning playwright William Luce's, BRONTË. The limited run engagement is currently running Off-Broadway at Theater 511, with an official opening of tonight, May 8, and plays through May 25. See below for a photo of Maxine Linehan as Charlotte in the production!