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Edinburgh 2022: Review: KIRI PRITCHARD-MCLEAN: HOME TRUTHS, Monkey Barrel

Review of Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Home Truths at Edfringe

Edinburgh 2022: Review: KIRI PRITCHARD-MCLEAN: HOME TRUTHS, Monkey Barrel

Edinburgh 2022: Review: KIRI PRITCHARD-MCLEAN: HOME TRUTHS, Monkey Barrel

Home Truths is a comedy show by Kiri Pritchard-McLean that looks at her Welsh identity and the impact of white supremacy.

A couple of years ago, Pritchard-McLean moved back to Anglesey, where she grew up. Having spent fifteen years in Manchester, she was proud to identify as Welsh but felt guilt at not being able to speak the language. Now having moved back to Wales, she's learning the language but is still encountering gate keeping. She acknowledges that she still has a privilege as a white person and starts to explore the history of the Welsh language and the role of colonisation.

Home Truths challenges and educates the audience while remaining funny and relatable. An utterly charming comic, Pritchard-McLean is frank but never preachy.

I would very rarely draw attention to a comedian's attire but Pritchard-McLean's sequinned leotard deserves an honourable mention. Remarking that during lockdown she thought everyone would dress like this when we were allowed out again, the flag emblazoned leotard is paired with equally spectacular statement earrings. Pritchard-McLean's audience (also known from the All Killa No Filla podcast as 'legends') has a reputation for embracing a sequin which brings an extra layer of joy to the evening.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean is a comedian that is using her platform to push for change while also delivering excellent standup that has her audience hanging on every word.

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