Pratik Motwani Breaks The Walls Of Live Theatre And Divisive/Virtual Identities With #////#

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Mumbai born Actor/Creator Pratik Motwani's multimedia solo show about internet addiction and social media identities - #//< EMBEDDED >//# - set for a US National Tour to prestigious theatre festivals including CAATA ConFest - The National Asian American Theatre Festival, Chicago; Fury Factory Festival, San Francisco; CoHo SummerFest, Portland.

#//< EMBEDDED >//# is written, created and performed by Pratik Motwani integrates video projection, prezi projection, GIF animation with live physical theatre to give the audience a multimedia webcam peek into the outrageously hilarious broadcasting room of a diffident and quirky, basement-dwelling computer nerd who creates a flamboyant super-cool (so he thinks) virtual identity of himself that begins to make youtube videos in an attempt to connect with the outside world. The acts begin to get funnier, the videos more unabashedly hilarious and the virtual identity bolder, louder and more extravagantly reinforced. To what extent will he go to keep that BUZZ going? - An introspection on life, identity and human connections in a digital age #//< EMBEDDED >//# is a show that will make you laugh until you cringe. The show uses the framework of Social Media, The Skinner box Experiment and Internet Addiction as theatrical metaphor to examine the condition of a trapped virtual identity in a digital world - A world in which all connection and communication happens only via a digital 'WALL'. A 'WALL' that is representative of all the different virtual wall's of race, color, class, gender, religion, nationality etc - that we build or are systematically built and imposed upon us that divide, separate, exclude, regulate and restrict us from real connection and real access to ourselves and each other. Brazenly naked and audaciously funny, this show will tickle your guts as hard as it punches it.

"I think the subject matter of the show resonates strongly with the current condition of our times where we find ourselves caught living simultaneously in two different and sometimes very contradicting, contrasting and polar worlds - our real world and the virtual one that we project on the internet. This is something I find that we are all both affected by and guilty of. I am excited to be on this National Tour of the US and looking forward to presenting my work at these amazing festivals "

Pratik Motwani is an actor, theatre maker and educator with a specialization in eastern and western forms of devised physical theatre and mask performance including Balinese Mask/Puppet theatre and Commedia Dell'Arte. With IMAGO Theatre, Portland, OR, Pratik has toured nationally and internationally to Egypt, Jordan, France, Canada as a lead performer in their world renowned physical comedy/mask performance/puppetry shows - FROGZ and Zoo Zoo (2012-2016) and has been invited as a guest artist to teach physical theatre, mask performance and puppetry styles/technique's in university programs across the United States. Pratik is a company member and teaching artist at Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre in California as well as a company member & teaching artist of mask performance technique at IMAGO. M.F.A in Physical Theatre, Dell'Arte, CA.

National Tour Dates:

CoHo SummerFest, Portland, OR, July 12th - July 15th;

Fury Factory Festival, San Francisco, CA, July 19th - July 22nd;

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, Aug 11th;

The National Asian American Theatre Festival,Chicago, IL, Aug 12th - Aug 18th.

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