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BWW Review: THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL at Majestic Theatre

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BWW Review: THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL at Majestic Theatre

If you don't know "who lives in a pineapple under the sea," then you must be living under a rock. No matter who you are or how old you are, the cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants" has something to entertain you and teach you what friends are all about. When it was announced that the beloved cartoon would be made into a Broadway show, many were not surprised. What was surprising was the manner in which the creators went about constructing THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL. Director Tina Landau decided early on that she would use book writer Kyle Jarrow for creating the best storyline and it was the best storyline. But, add to that many well-known songwriters from across all genres of music. Jonathan Coulton, David Bowie, Plain White T's, Panic! at the Disco, Sara Bareilles, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry (of Aerosmith), and The Flaming Lips. What did you get from all of this variety of talented people? A show that entertains from beginning to end. THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL had audience members singing and clapping along enjoying every minute of this amazing show.

In the part of SpongeBob himself was Lorenzo Pugliese. At such a young age, Pugliese proved that he was a perfect fit for the role. He was so entertaining. He sang "Bikini Bottom Day" with as much enthusiasm as you would expect SpongeBob to have when sharing the joys of his own life. Pugliese was equally strong in singing "Hero is my Middle Name" along with Patrick and Sandy. As Patrick Star, Beau Bradshaw was every bit Patrick as the cartoon character we have grown to love. Bradshaw seemed so at home on the set of Bikini Bottom belting out such songs as "BFF" with SpongeBob and "Super Sea Star Savior" sung with the Sardines.

Cody Cooley rocked the part of Squidward Q. Tentacles although he only had six "legs.". Cooley was such a convincing actor that many forgot he really was an actor. "I'm not a Loser" sung with the Sea Anemones was a perfect song for Squidward and Cooley carried it out with poise and amazing talent that makes him a triple threat on the stage. No kidding! Cooley was mind-blowing. Another huge stand out was the role of small Sheldon Plankton played by Tristan McIntyre. He was perfect as a sinister plankton and shared his talents when singing "When the Going Gets Tough" rap song. McIntyre was well suited for this part and the audience loved him too.

The sets and scenery stood out, were well-executed, and fun to check out as the show played onstage. Simple household items were obviously used to add to the campiness of the show. A bleach bottle was painted pink for Patrick to wear on his head. A kids' swimming pool was used as a clock. Pool Noodles represented coral among other things found in the sea.

THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL is so much fun and genuinely showcases many talented people. Don't miss out. Shows are tonight and tomorrow January 25-26, 2020 at the Majestic Theatre. Check out their website for tickets and show times.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jeremy Daniel

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