BWW Blog:Alex Urdiales SISTER ACT Top Notch

BWW Blog:Alex Urdiales SISTER ACT Top Notch

Oh SISTER ACT you were a lot more fun then I wanted to admit. So I must be honest I've never seen the first SISTER ACT movie but I did watch the 2nd one a ton in grade school it was always something that was put on during movie days. So I walked into the Majestic Theatre where SISTER ACT was playing knowing very little. I knew that the main character, Deloris, beautifully played by Ta'rea Campbell, wants nothing more than to be disco singer looking up to the queen of disco, Donna Summers. But of course, in a very 70's disco matter, she falls in with a nightclub owner/mobster, Curtis, which of course as nightclub owner/mobsters often do, Curtis kills the one of his men labeled a rat and either by destiny or dumb luck or maybe both, Deloris walks out and sees the murder.

The story then moves to a police officer someone Deloris knows from high school known as Sweaty Eddie. He decides to hide her, in of all places, a Church Covent that has fallen on hard times. The story continues in a comedic fashion. A fish out of water Deloris, a stern and over protective Mother Superior, and the other colorful sisters that form the rest of the story of willingness to learn from others and the power of sisterhood. The music by Alan Menken is light and fun but all the songs often fall into the same pattern which makes them easy to forget. Then there's the book by Cheri & Bill Steinkellner which often amused the Catholic school boy in me.

I did feel the second act was more rushed to finish the rest of the story. They had to work on character realizations like Deloris's power in sisterhood and it seemed too quick to be believable. But oh those nuns. I'm happy to say that even with those few minor problems, the cast is top notch! Not a bad voice in the bunch and they are all committed to the show and love what they are doing on the stage. Even one of San Antonio's own graces the stage. Charles Barksdale plays TJ the airheaded mobster nephew of Curtis. The show is a lot of fun not having seen the movie, I walked in not knowing what to expect and left in a light-hearted mood. It has its issues but a better night of musical theater you won't find anywhere else.

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