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The Box Performing Arts Space at The Gateway Presents THE OPEN SYRUP: TALES FROM QUARANTINE

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The Box Performing Arts Space at The Gateway Presents THE OPEN SYRUP: TALES FROM QUARANTINE

The Box performing arts space at The Gateway will present THE OPEN SYRUP: TALES FROM QUARANTINE written by creative team member Elise Barnett, author of the popular OPEN SYRUP theatrical series. These 9 videos are updates from several of the more popular characters in the series as they share their struggles with being quarantined for such a long period of time. Individuals wishing to view the videos can do so one at a time for $5.00 each or all 9 for just $20.00! The videos can be purchased at

The Open Syrup is a hotel that definitely does not serve breakfast. It is the site of some crazy uprisings as guests come through. There have been vampires, space travelers, politicians, and witches, just to name a few! The Open Syrup was conceptualized as a serial play told in six installments. The series was cut short after episode 3 as theatres were closed to the global pandemic.

Here are a list of the tales with short descriptions: Vivienne de Pop Would Like to

Speak to the Manager-Renowned heiress and socialite Vivienne de Pop understands that there is a pandemic on and all, but she would like to explain all the reasons why she deserves to be treated better and lists her many requests-namely, a less virus-y virus.

Wiener's Corner-Das stinkt mir! What is a fantastically talented German photographer to do? Here he is locked up in a dingy little hotel with nothing but a tacky bedspread to shoot. With no supermodels to yell at, poor Wiener starts to slowly unravel.

Philosophy with Celine-Celine Burghoffer is at it again, sharing unsolicited but highly useful advice like how to charm a bear at a cocktail party and how to pretend you're in the Tudor family for higher self-esteem. You won't want to miss this once in a lifetime seminar!

The Witching Hour-Hexes and jinxes are all the rage these days, and our resident witch Beryllium Sweet has brewed up a concoction for your education and enlightenment. Take a seat while Miss Sweet instructs you on the finer methods of stirring up some magic.

Phone Call from Benny Biffington-Our tireless hotel manager Rhonda st. Cuthbert is hard at work as usual, fielding yet another phone call from some witless worm. But quarantine can do crazy things to people, and Rhonda finds some solace in ranting to the insistent and chowder-headed Benny.

Maintenance Tips With Bradley-For a man already prone to existential crises, this one's a doozy. Poor hapless Bradley compares his existence to that of a sponge and wonders if he ever really did like clocks so much in the first place. He also delivers some lovely advice about naan, the Indian flatbread.

Letters From Flopsy-What are two vampires trapped together in a rat-infested basement to do? Write love letters to one another, of course. Disourny Malahavoloshtick expresses his ardent love to his bride Flopsy the only way an undead soul from New Jersey knows how: with bits of waffling prose about scullery maids.

Martin's Meltdown-Not only is this violinist incensed, he's outraged! He's going to stage a sit-in until this lockdown is all over. Do you hear him? He's done sitting around so he'll be here, sitting around! He's got enough pickled eggs to last through December and he's in this for the long haul.

There's No Business Like No Show Business-What is an actor to do in quarantine? Without any audience to tippity-tap-tap dance for, Mr. Tipples is at a loss, performing maudlin renditions of The Glass Menagerie for his avid fan, Lindy. But even avid fans have their limits...

The Tales from Quaratine, all written by Elise Barnett, feature the talents of Elizabeth Hanley as Rhonda, David Drockton as Wiener, Jesse Barnett-Curran as Mr. Tipples, Angela Wright-Stevens as Vivienne, Chris Taylor as Bradley, Andrew Slaughter as Martin, Jeremy Minagro as Disourny, Cami Rozanas as Celine, and Daisy Sherman as Beryllium.

Playwright Elise Barnett says, "One day we will all be able to meet again to revel in the mighty rumpus that is The Open Syrup! In the meantime do enjoy the testimonials of the kooky characters currently caged in the crummy and crumbling chateau they now are compelled to call home."

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