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SERENA SERENATA Comes to Teatro das Figuras This Weekend


The performance is set for Sunday 14 November 2021.

SERENA SERENATA Comes to Teatro das Figuras This Weekend

Serena Serenata will be performed at Teatro Das Figuras this weekend. The performance is set for Sunday 14 November 2021.

1. A balcony
2. A twisted neck
3. Ears with heart

In other words: a balcony is needed, because a serenade on the ground floor loses a lot of allure. Then, let the neck of the singer lend itself to twisting a lot, so that the voice reaches the balcony cool as a lettuce. And finally, that whoever is up there has a heart beyond the ears.
This is for a normal serenade! But for a Serene Serenade by Ópera Isto, we cannot think so linearly.

We started by arranging a nomadic balcony that is now in Sicily, now in Venice, now in Naples. Then there are three twisted necks, because with three necks the twisting allows for much tastier harmonies. And finally ... what is behind the curtain that lights up with the sailors singing?
As we well know, we do not always know what we are going to. But perhaps this is the fascination with almost everything: we go fishing - what will we fish today? Let's serenate - will the window light come on? Hmmm... clouds - Do I take an umbrella or not?

The challenge of the uncertain and the mystery of discovery is what moves us.

This is the motto in Serena Serenata: any hope for three travelers in love with each balcony, each new light, each hope of something happening.
Vows from a (little) Serena Serenade!

Duration: 50 minutes
Age: > 3
Preços: €10,00; 25% discount for > 65; € 5,00 for < 30; cycle subscription (2 shows) € 18,00


Interpreters Mário João Alves as Mario, Miguel Reis as Michelle, Gabriel Neves dos Santos as Gabriele (singers / actors), João Tiago Magalhães as Giovanni (atmosphere making machine)
Original idea and Texts Mário João Alves
Opera Creation and Scenic Design
Costumes Ana Nogueira
Scene Direction Ana Paula Sousa
Lights Design Nuno Almeida
Music Tosti, Rossini, Leoncavallo, among other serenatists

Coproduction: Ópera Isto and Casa da Música

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